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Humanity is perhaps the most diverse of the mortal races in appearance and culture.

Humans, also called humanity, humankind, men or mankind, are a relatively short-lived but highly dynamic humanoid species who are one of the most populous intelligent peoples of the Mortal Realms.

Humans are one of the most numerous and widespread of the intelligent mortal species, surpassed in sheer numbers only by the ubiquitous greenskins and the innumerable skaven hordes.

Though not as tough or as strong as a duardin, humans produce some of the most celebrated warriors in the realms. Though lacking the innate magical aptitude of the aelves, a human mage can, with extraordinary discipline and determination, still hope one day to equal their aelven counterparts.

The various cultures of men could be found in every realmsphere and served both Order and Chaos, and their souls often comprised a significant source of the undead who made up the forces of Death.

Both the Ascended deity Sigmar and the Chosen of the Dark Gods Archaon, Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse, were once mortal men who lived upon the World-That-Was eons ago.

There is even a tale so ancient that it can only have come from the World-That-Was, which states that on that long-lost sphere, the Everchosen was a devout man, a templar of Sigmar, if that can be believed. Whatever the truth of the story, the God-King will not now speak of it, and those few that find the courage to dare ask the Three-Eyed King are answered only with a painful death.

Humans are a vigorous and inventive species, driven by their shorter lifespans to always seek the closest opportunity for betterment and to grow and further extend the borders of their lands. This will drive countless humans to greatness, perhaps even into the ranks of Sigmar’s Stormcast Eternals, but it also proves the downfall of many.

The lure of immortality and easy power is keenly felt in humans, whether through the necromantic arts, in exchange for undying servitude to Nagash, the god of death, or the promise of strength and glory in the legions of Chaos.

Humans are far from alone among mortals in succumbing to temptation, but the majority of those who have become slaves to darkness are human -- or were once.

Humans can be found almost anywhere, and in great physical variety. A wanderer from the savage veldts of Ghur, the Realm of Beasts, looks very different to a shepherd from the flame-kissed deserts of the Great Parch or a dockhand from the sludge wharfs of Greywater Fastness.

Humans tend to range in height from between 5 and 6 foot, though this can vary as wildly as any other trait. Their ways of life and cultures are similarly distinct and highly diverse, despite their physical similarities.

Sigmar, the God-King of mankind was once a mortal man himself on the World-That-Was.

As the only human deity, Sigmar is the most widely worshipped among men, particularly as many humans descend from those refugees who sought sanctuary in Azyrheim at the onset of the Age of Chaos.

There were, however, humans who weathered that long age without the protection of Azyr. Some never wavered in their faith, or found that faith restored on Sigmar's glorious return, but many found other deities and false gods to turn to.

Most humans of the Age of Sigmar spend their days behind the walls of one of the Cities of Sigmar, or in the fields immediately surrounding them, never stepping foot into the deadly lands beyond Sigmar’s light.

Only the truly powerful, or those with a death wish, dare to venture far, and only under grave need.

The humans of the Mortal Realms are known for their adaptability compared to the other intelligent species, even in the most unusual of circumstances.

Assuming they are not killed and eaten by some monstrous Chaos beast or slain young by some other threat, the average lifespan of a human in the Mortal Realms is around 70 years old.

Humans can turn their hands to almost any skill or craft, and are quick to assimilate the knowledge and teachings of other species and cultures.


When Sigmar first came upon the Mortal Realms during the Age of Myth, there were already primitive tribes of humans in existence, living in stone age, hunter-gatherer tribes. He raised them up from savagery, and helped them build vast civilisations.

When the Age of Chaos began, Chaos-corrupted men were sent against the other nations and cities of mankind.Most of the survivors who did not choose to serve Chaos were known as the "free peoples of humanity" or the "Free Men."

Suffering from starvation from the war, some humans turned to cannibalism, eventually becoming Crypt Ghouls under the Abhorrant Ghoul Kings. During the Age of Chaos, Sigmar took human warriors and reforged them into the Stormcast Eternals.

Notable Nations of Men

Human Names

Humans tend to have a forename and surname, and their names are amongst the most varied in all of the realms.

They put less stock in the value of a name than many of the other species of the Mortal Realms and as such are quick to change their names, adopt nicknames, and embrace the naming conventions of other cultures.

  • Example Human Forenames: Aisha, Alzheer, Armand, Belta, Byrun, Carazo, Claudio, Crellis, Dumala, Dinaim, Eklya, Francas, Gerot, Hanniver, Havard, Horrin, Ingrin, Isa, Kalja, Lutha, Mathias, Niara, Ninian, Olfren, Owain, Palem, Samriel, Sanasay, Seguin, Sol, Tessa, Utrecht, Valdemar, Wolfgardt, Xan, Yare, Zana, Zelja
  • Example Human Surnames: Aelhad, Altenbach, Arul, Bemyr, Bok, Callis, Chown, Danst, el Talamé, Gage, Galbrecht, Hart, Herzborg, Hess, Jansen, Karsten, Locklin, Mathos, Nahazim, Omasa, Prinson, Reynar, Schimdt, Sydona, Toll, uth-Kinnan, van-Drak, Volker, Warrent, Yaleh, Zebo