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" It is not magic that keeps the Wheel of Aeons turning, nor the hosts celestial that fly like sparks from its rim, but blood – red, thick, and spilt in great measure."



The Seraphon’s strange and deadly hunting beasts are terrible to behold. Goaded in battle by Skink handlers, flame-spewing Salamanders set their victims alight with gobs of incendiary bile, while bristling Razordons impale the enemy with volleys of wicked spines.[1a]


The skinks of the Hunting Packs share an unusual empathy with their unpredictable beasts, for they can read a creature’s mood in the flicker of nictating membranes and the swish of tails. Even so, more than one skink has been devoured when such a beast has turned on its handlers. The danger is one most skinks readily accept, so that they might direct the lethality of their charges against the hated forces of Chaos – indeed, sheets of flaming bile and rains of spines provide the Seraphon with potent ranged support in battle.[1a]

As creatures of celestial magic, even Salamanders and Razordons recognize the enemies – or prey – of the Slann, and the scent of the enemy drives their primitive minds into a bestial rage. Once a battle descends into the fury of melee combat, the handlers need only drive their beasts into the midst of the foe, where the creatures’ predatory instincts take over.[1a]

Salamanders belch forth great gouts of extremely volatile fluid, which they produce in their fleshy craws. The highly reactive substance ignites in mid-air, forming a stream of liquid fire that clings to those it comes into contact with, swiftly burning them to cinders.[1a]

The thick hides of the Razordons are covered in veritable forests of spines, which they can hurl at those they perceive as a threat – or when they are sufficiently goaded by their skink handlers. Such is the profusion of lethal barbs these beasts can hurl that clumps of their victims often fall screaming to the ground with hollow spines lodged in eye-sockets, throats or weak-points in their armor.[1a]