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Tribal chieftains chosen by a Frostlord for their strength and ability in command, Huskards are responsible for hundreds of Beastclaw ogors.[2] There are three different ranks among them - Jorls, Eurls and Torrs.[1][3]


The Huskard Torr leads the Torrbad, the Thundertusk riders of the clan. He is a mysterious figure that can read the winds, and see the will of Gorkamorka in the frost. To the other members of the tribe he is not completely of this world, his soul having been frozen by his connection to the Everwinter. He goes by numerous names, including the Voice of Thunder, Frostborn or the Blizzard-speaker. He seldom makes an utterance, but when he does he speaks with the voice of winter. His freezing words are like the keening gales of the Everwinter, each one cutting and cold.

The Everwinter chooses a Huskard Torr. When his predecessor dies, the storms and Thundertusks accept him as their voice with howling winds and baying roars. The Frostlord officially bestows the title, but it is rare tha the will go against the omens the Everwinter sends. Once named, only death may release the ogor from his duty. In rare instances, a Huskard Torr might become the leader of an Alfrostun himself, turning his clan into a Svarthegn, or Icewind Raid.

The strength of the Huskard Torr comes from the Thundertusks. These magical beasts are focal points for unnatural cold, and like a raging snowstorm they send out constant waves of frost and ice. This power grows exponentially as more Thundertusks gather together, their aura growing ever larger and more intense. In battle the Huskard Torr uses the unnatural chill of the Thundertusks to do as much harm to the enemy as possible. With frozen breath the beasts render thick castle gates brittle so they can be smashed, or freeze rivers so the raiders can cross them. At the command of the Huskard Torr a Thundertusk can focus the cold between its tusks into blasts of ice that hit like cannon balls. Beastclaws believe the powers of the Thundertusks are another aspect of the Everwinter, and it is certainly true that when the great beasts gather the winter storms blow harder. Where the creatures originally come from, however, is a mystery even to the ogors. The Beastclaws tell tales of how in the Age of Myth, Gorkamorka climbed the highest peak in all the Mortal Realms, the Alvagr, so he might bellow from its summit. As he neared the top, ice formed on his fingers and between his knuckles, and the shards he brushed off fell into the Realm of Beasts, becoming the Thundertusks – creatures forever filled with the cold of that impossibly high peak.


Most Huskards are armed with either a chaintrap or a harpoon launcher. Some instead ride to war with a Blood Vulture to take down their prey. A Huskard can also lash out with punches and kicks.[1]

A Huskard Torr can attempt to harness the strange wintery magic that clings to his Thundertusk. If he's successful, either a second skin of ice forms on a friendly unit as it is rimmed with a healing frost, or winter winds howl through the unit, chilling their blood and lending them strength.[3]

The Stonehorns use their horns to pulverise the enemy, and can deliver terrible blows with their crushing hooves.[1]

The Thundertusks can pound foes with crushing blows of their hooves and tusks, or shatter them with blasts of magical frost-wreathed ice.[3]