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More than a terrifying brute to face in combat, the Icebrow Hunter is a cunning stalker who utilises his surroundings to launch ambushes with the aid of his Frost Sabres. Not only does he slay opponents with spear and bolt, but he also has the power to breathe a killing blizzard over his foes by drinking a magical elixir distilled from the blood of his hunting cats.[1]


There are few scouts as skilled as the Icebrow Hunters. They can travel as fast on foot as the rest of the raid travels on Mournfang, Stonehorn and Thundertusk, picking their way through tangled wilds at a loping run. Often the hunters will journey far ahead of the rest of their clan, seeking out prey for the Alfrostun. Many times has an Icebrow’s appraising glare heralded the doom of a kingdom. Some lone Icebrow Hunters have even mastered the paths between worlds while hunting prey. These Realmswalkers can read the magic of Realmgates as a sailor might see a storm brewing in the dawn sky, and know when the best crossing can be made for a raid.[3a]

As finders of fresh hunting grounds and elusive prey, the hunters hold an important place within the Alfrostun. They are not commanded by the Huskards, instead reporting directly to the Frostlord. A good tribal leader knows the livelihood of his ogors rests with the skills of his Icebrow Hunters, and chooses them wisely from the clan’s most experienced warriors. When the Alfrostun descends upon a prey kingdom or enemy army, the Icebrow Hunters lay ambushes for the foe, or circle the flanks, taking down leaders and lords who think themselves safe behind the shield walls of their soldiers. Should the Alfrostun’s opponents flee from combat, the hunters are first to pounce, running them to ground and making sure nothing, large or small, escapes the Frostlord’s feasting fires.[3a]

Icebrow Hunters are often accompanied by Frost Sabres, huge felines with sword-like teeth that jut from their lower jaws. Hunters raise these animals from cubs, and the bond they form with their ogor pack masteris such that the beasts would give their lives for him if necessary. As creatures of winter, Frost Sabres’ bodies do not give off heat, making them invisible to many kinds of prey, and their breath does not mist the air even in extreme cold.[3a]

Icebrow Hunters long ago learned to take advantage of these properties, and so began bleeding their Frost Sabres to distil a potent brew. Sipped, this elixir cools the Hunter’s own bodyheat, but if downed in a single draught, it allows the ogor to breathe a magical blizzard over his enemies, freezing them where they stand.[3a]


An Icebrow Hunter is armed with a great throwing spear and a hunter’s culling club. Some are also equipped with a hunter’s crossbow.[1]