Icefall Yhetees are savage creatures of the frozen wastelands. They appear from the howling blizzard that follows in the Alfrostun's wake to hack apart their prey with weapons touched by magical frost. Moving with the speed of the freezing wind they maim and kill, before vanishing into the blinding white once more.[1]


The blizzards of the Everwinter attract snow-bound predators from the wilds. Among these come the Icefall Yhetees, monsters born of frost and the forbidding wastes that are eager to join in the raiders’ feasts. Sinewy killers, the Yhetees stalk their foes inutter silence. When the time comes to strike they emerge from the snow as if materialising from the storm itself, attacking with frost-cursed weapons. Even a single blow from one of these fell blades can freeze a creature’s blood in its veins. Beastclaw ogors see the Yhetees as messengers of their savage god, and allow the beasts to follow them into battle. Only the Huskard Torr speaks to them, for he alone knows their strange language. As the Alfrostun closes for the kill, ever more packs of Yhetees are drawn to the call of the Huskard Torr to gather in the army’s wake, eager to reap the rewards of the ogor’s promise of fresh prey.[2]


Packs of Icefall Yhetees are formed by 3 or more beasts, and fight with massive claws and ice-encrusted clubs. They are surrounded by an aura of frost that numbs their enemies.[1]



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