Ionus Cryptborn Stormcast Eternals Illustration.jpg

If Vandus Hammerhand is the glory of lightning unbound, Ionus Cryptborn is the dark and brooding thunder that follows it. He carries the aspect of the grave with him, for he hails from Shyish, the Realm of Death. Even in Sigmar’s palace, there are few that rest easy alongside a Lord-Relictor, for it is said their souls are scarred by the claws of the Great Necromancer. Still, a bond of brotherhood exists between Ionus and his Lord-Celestant, for Vandus can see past Cryptborn’s grim and dolorous demeanour to the hero beneath. Though he speaks of it only to his fellow Lord-Relictors, Ionus was once Eonid ven Denst, a prince of the Amethyst Underworld. It was he that slew the many-skulled hydragor that wreaked havoc upon the courtiers of King Thanator’s manse, and he alone that had the courage to speak against Nagash during the Days of Shattered Bone. Well might Sigmar take such warriors for his own – with the power to summon and bind the storm at will, the man who became Ionus Cryptborn is a redoubtable foe indeed.


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