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Never shall they bend, never shall they break. Like deepest root and strongest branch, they endure forevermore. From the earliest days, Ironbark Glade have had a strong presence in Chamon. The Ironbark clans are known for their tenacity and resilience, and are famous for weathering the most extreme of circumstances without complaint. The Noble Spirits of Ironbark excel at drawing up precious metals and ores with which to mould their weapons of war. This skill, coupled with a stubborn and taciturn demeanour, has bridged the gap between these sylvaneth and the duardin, and many strong alliances have been forged between them.[1a]


Clans of Ironbark Glade

  • Dar’noth.[1b]
  • Phaelion (Paint 22-23)

Known members of Ironbark Glade

Famous Battles

  • Old Alliances - Despite their malcontent, the clans of Dreadwood fought alongside those of Ironbark and Oakenbrow to turn back the Poxfang Tide. With the defeat of this scourge, a stretch of the Cascading Path was purified once more, opening new tributaries throughout the Jade Kingdoms. (Order 21)