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Ironjawz face off against Khorne Bloodbound.

Hulking parcels of green flesh containing nothing but muscle and single-minded brutality, the orruk Ironjawz rampage across the Mortal Realms, smashing stuff up and kicking in faces as they go. Bellowing incoherent war-cries as they thunder toward the foe, their Warchanters beating a Waaagh! tattoo on anything they can get hold of, their power increases with every toof they punch out of the mouths of their enemies.[1]



Ghur is home to countless dangerous and violent lands where the strong survive and the weak become meat. This predatory wilderness suits the Ironjawz; endless wars against other Orruks, slavering beasts and Chaos warriors mean their warclans have always had something to vent their savagery on. Just as an orruk boss imposes their dominance over their warclan, so too do the Ironjawz dominate the wildernesses of Ghur. Teetering efigies to Gorkamorka, splintered woodlands and mountains beaten into rubble are all signs left by the Ironjawz that they’re in charge. Once, the Realm of Beasts was filled with many noble empires ruled over by hunter kings and proud beast lords. Their domains were set atop snow-wreathed peaks or amid subterranean continents where mountains reached from above and below to form mazes of stone. Some stood on the backs of surging ocean monsters and others in the boughs of drifting sky-trees. The Ironjawz toppled one after another. If a skyborne keep flew the banners of free peoples or the eye-searing symbols of the minions of Chaos, it mattered not to the Ironjawz, only that the keep stood at all.[1b]

To stop the greenskins, their enemies constructed ever more elaborate defences – walls laced with killing spells, living moats that consumed all who crossed them, and cities with legs to carry them away from danger. But all failed before the simple, savage brutality of the Ironjawz.[1c]

As the Ironjaw armies laid waste to Ghur, they grew in size. Under the leadership of the mighty Megabosses, they formed their mobs into groups known as Fists, and then even larger groups called Brawls. Guided by these powerful greenskin warriors, they spread out into the other Mortal Realms, following Gorkamorka’s constant call to war into a thousand diferent lands.[1b][1c]

Ironjawz do not build cities; they are a nomadic clan, wandering from one place to another looking for battle, and pausing only long enough to loot before moving on. As a warclan travels the realms, it will assert its dominance over everything it meets, either killing it or, in the case of other Ironjawz, adding them to their mob.[1c]

Orruks respect only strength, and other clans sometimes forget that the Ironjawz are in charge. Most clans are quickly knocked into line, though some, like the savage Bonesplittas, need constant reminding. By contrast, tribes of grots tend to steer clear of the Ironjawz, though they do occasionally join forces. Though they are not much use for fighting, some Ironjawz keep grots about for tasks such as sorting through scrap piles and dragging loot about, or to throw them into the gruntasty, which is always good for a laugh.[1c]

There can be no mistaking the handiwork of the Ironjawz. One of their most famous acts of vandalism was the defacement of the monolithic statue of Archaon which stood over the Manticore Realmgate that leads to the Allpoints. Three times have different Ironjaw warclans brought it down. The first time, the Everchosen’s helm was recarved into the grinning face of Gork, so Archaon sent a legion to guard over its repair. The second time, the head was taken off entirely and replaced with a huge wooden grot head. Incensed, Archaon ordered the expansion of the Manticore Dreadhold. The third time, the Ironjawz brought down the walls and raised a crude idol to Gork over the fallen statue of Archaon. Now, a new Lord of Chaos commands the rebuilt Manticore Dreadhold, peering into the wastes as orruk drums rumble in the distance.[1c]

The Great Waaagh!

During the Age of Chaos, the Ironjawz fought endless wars against the minions of the Dark Gods. It was a glorious time for the greenskins, one of continuous bloodshed and face kicking. Many legendary Chaos lords like Jarrak Voidheart and the Razored Queen, Aberleth, sought to destroy the ironclad Orruk warclans in this time. Impregnable fortresses, daemon armies that blanketed the land and horrific spells of extermination were all set against the Ironjawz; but they all met with failure. A lord would declare they had conquered a kingdom and subdued its creatures in the name of the Dark Gods, only for an Ironjaw warclan to thunder out of the wilds and destroy everything in its path. As war spread like a contagion across the Mortal Realms, many races and kingdoms found themselves caught between the insidious domain of Chaos and the wanton destruction of the Ironjawz.[1a][1z]

Most importantly for the Ironjaw warclans, this age of war without end made them strong. There was always plenty of iron to loot, and all the fighting gave rise to some of the greatest Megabosses ever to stomp their way across the realms. For them, the Age of Chaos was a gift from Gorkamorka, a time of joyous, unending battle.[1a][1z]

Countless years of blood marked the first Chaos campaigns to vanquish the Orruks, when Archaon’s chosen general – Darkorn the Devourer – was charged with the task of wiping out the greenskins. Places like Splitbone Pass, where the bodies of Chaos Warriors lie as fallen leaves upon the ground, and the Sundeth Caves, which still echo to the cries of a thousand dying daemons, are monuments to the strength of the orruks. It speaks much to the futility of that war of extermination that today the Orruks thrive across the realms, while Darkorn’s skull adorns the gates of the Varanspire.[1a][1B]

In this time, the Ironjawz were at their strongest in the kingdoms of Ghur, though their warclans could be found throughout the realms stirring up trouble. From the Realm of Beasts many a great Waaagh! wrought a path of destruction under the leadership of a powerful Megaboss. By their nature, wars conducted by Ironjaw bosses were more destructive than those led by other greenskins, the ironclad Megabosses able to muster the biggest orruks around and keep them together for longer. The cave peoples of Ascandia and the dreg-kings of the Murmarsh still whisper legends of the Iron Orruks as they huddle in the ruins of their once-great empires. Like the ebb and flow of a green tide, each Waaagh! grew from the violence of a handful of warclans until it crashed down upon the realms with punishing force. Great Waaagh! after Great Waaagh! rolled across the ages like an avalanche, and like the Ironjawz’ thirst for destruction, they were never-ending. As the Age of Sigmar dawns across the Mortal Realms, this cycle is set to repeat itself. Already the Ironjawz can see the signs –suns that rise burning green, mountains that rumble and belch out orruk warcries, and the image of Gorkamorka grinning at them from the stormclouds. According to the Weirdnob Shamans, one of the five mystical portents of the Great Waaagh! has already come to pass: the rise of the Fist of Gork, the Megaboss that will lead the clans to war.[1a][1B][1C]

As the Great Waaagh! builds, the Ironjawz have been wreaking havoc throughout the Mortal Realms. Spoiling the strategies of all sides, Ironjaw warclans ambush armies on the march, strike against remote garrisons and attack forces already locked in battle. Perhaps most dangerous of all, they seek out Realmgates, knowing that there will be ample foes to fight through the mystical gates. Across the realms, many commanders have looked to Realmgates for their reinforcements, only to be greeted by an ear-splitting ‘Waaagh!’ and the sight of thousands of savage Ironjawz thundering out toward them. Bloodbound Warhordes, Stormcast Eternal Stormhosts and countless other armies have all met their end at the hands of the Ironjawz in this way, and blow by blow the Orruks have changed the face of the Realmgate Wars. Just as the plans of many commanders in the field have suffered under the Orruks’ indiscriminate actions, so too have garrisons, keeps and cities been wiped away by the storm of violence to leave only smoking ruins and corpses behind. More than one general has sought refuge from their foes only to discover leering greenskins looking down at them from their own battlements, or standing proudly over the heap of rubble that was once an allied kingdom.[1a][1C]

While Slann Starmasters, Lord-Celestants and the finest commanders to grace the realms might ponder at the tactics of the Ironjawz, the greenskins give it altogether less thought. Where there is war the brawls gather, and where there are enemies to pound into the ground there will be a Megaboss ready to do the pounding.[1a][1C]


The Blessed and the Brutish

Sigmar’s grand alliance of the gods set Gorkamorka and the Orruks at the side of the free peoples and their armies. Even so, the God-King kept a wary eye on the Orruks, for the bestial warriors were often overzealous in their campaigns - setting allied kingdoms aflame and tearing down keeps to get to their enemies, all to the approving laughter of Gorkamorka.[1J]

The First Waaagh!

Tiring of Sigmar’s quest for order, Gorkamorka began the first Great Waaagh!. Orruks flocked to the two-headed god, and in an avalanche of green flesh they tore a path of ruin across the realms, attacking their former allies and old enemies without distinction. When Gorkamorka came to the abyssal World’s End, his two sets of eyes gazed for a moment into the fathomless dark before he spat off the edge of creation and turned about to do it all again.[1J]

  • The Axe of Gork and Mork - Urrgrak Bonefist, the half-faced boss, became the first champion of Gorkamorka and was given the Worldchoppa, an axe said to have been made from iron ripped from Sigmar's throne. Millennia later, Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork, found the Worldchoppa and broke it into two axes to make it even more choppy.[1J]
  • Crushing Jawz - When the first Ironjawz warclans emerged, they set about crushing all other Orruks. Many bosses tried to challenge the dominance of the Ironjawz, and the realms shuddered to the violence unleashed. In the end, most clans either joined the Ironjawz or ended up as trophies on their armour.[1J]
  • Feasts of the Gore-gruntas - The massive Ironsnout Warctan and its many Gorefists rode through every mountainous domain and kingdom of the Beastwold, feasting on everything in their path. Towns, forests and entire races were devoured by the gruntas. Their trail of ruin became known as the Goreroad and it is still in use to this day.[1J]
  • In the Iron Shadow - Impressed by the strength of the Ironjawz, countless warclans gathered, hopeful to join them in their war against Chaos. The meanest of these formed Ardboy mobs, and marched into battle beside the massed armoured ranks of the Ironjaw Brawls.[1K]
  • The Brutal Legion - During the Age of Chaos, the impossibly vast Forest of Claws belonged to the Facesmasha Warclan and its Brutefists. When the warriors of the Darkflesh Warhorde marched into the wood to destroy the Orruks, its regiments were consumed in a storm of violence. For days, screams, the clash of steel and bestial war cries drifted on the wind. Of the legions of Darkflesh warriors, none returned, though soon, Facesmasha Brutes were seen wearing the beaten remains of Chaos armour.[1K]

The Trail of Gorka

As the Ironjawz grew in the realms, cunning bosses figured out the importance of Realmgates when it came to finding good scrap. Crude glyphs of Gork (or maybe Mork) began to appear on gateways across the Mortal Realms. Their presence was an invitation and a challenge to any Ironjawz who came across them, and a warning to all others.[1K]

  • Iron is Iron - Ironjaw Brutes of the Dethfist Warclan invaded the Daemon Pits of Gorrmurg, rampaging among its Soul Grinder pens. Tearing iron from the war machines, the Orruks hammered the daemon metal into armour. Even though the living iron continually tried to crush them, the Brutes took great pride in their new armour, as it just proved how 'super killy’ they must be.[1K]
  • The Two-headed Boss - Weirdfists and Ironfists formed the two brutal arms of the Cracktoof Warclan. Throughout the Sundercave War, Megaboss Urrgok and Weirdnob Shaman Zzadak fought for control of the clan, even as they battled Tzeentch Arcanites. Only when a chance Tzeentchian spell cast Zzadak s mind into Urrgok s body did the Cracktoof Warclan finally unite under the Two-headed' boss Zzagok, much to the woe of the Arcanites.[1K]

The Beast Keeps

Archaon’s legions scoured Ghur, his armies toppling empires and setting lands aflame. Archaon’s Realm Lords raised skull-bound keeps across the land to fetter its inhabitants, but the lords had not counted on the Ironjawz. The keeps were swiftly overrun or placed under constant siege, and the Brutes and bosses of many Ironjaw warclans became adept at smashing apart whatever defence Chaos could muster.[1K]

The Dead Ones

Waaagh! Drakgruz ploughed into the Nightlands of Shyish following their bloody-minded Megaboss upon his one-eyed Maw-krusha. Discovering vast empires of Deathrattlers that they could destroy again and again, the Ironjawz embarked on a whirlwind of destruction so intense it created a dust storm of bone shards. Drakgruz' warclans became as pale spectres, covered in white bone dust, save the savage darkness in their eyes.[1L]

  • A Krushing Defeat - Atop his great Maw-krusha, Thung, Daggrog led his warclan and a dozen other beast-mounted Megabosses to smash the Grond Magmagates, trampling its Fyreslayer defenders into the dirt and ending the Ironpeak War.[1L]
  • Blood for Gork - While in the Ashlands, the Ironeye Warclan discovered vast mounds of skulls and proceeded to smash them down. Soon, violent, red-clad warriors arrived, and the Orruks realised that wrecking such monuments was a good way to get the Bloodhound riled up.[1L]
  • A Too-cunnin Plan - Skaven warlock Skeez Volt-tail hatched a plan to manipulate the Dakhammaz warclan into destroying his Fyreslayer foes. Expecting the two forces to annihilate each other, Skeez waited until the sounds of battle faded before making his entrance. To his horror, he found the Ironjawz still standing, only too happy for a new fight.[1L]
  • Full metal War-sty - When thousands of Gore-gruntas attacked the Chaos citadels of Anvrok in Chamon, their steeds' hides and tusks transformed to living iron under the light of the Alchemist's Moon, creating a huge metallic war-sty.[1L]
  • A Weird Gathering - A dozen Weirdnobs were inexplicably drawn to the Groaning Mountain of Ghur. As the sylvaneth hosts held back the shamans' brawl on the slopes of the living peak, the Weirdnobs began to spasm, until a vast green fist punched the mountain into the sea.[1L]

Da Last Boss

Five warclans met amid the carnage of the Blood Times. For days, they smashed each other to bits. Weirdnobs duelled while Brutes dashed to the frenzied beat of hundreds of Warchanters, hut none could best the others. Their leaders were scarred and spent from their exertions when Gordrakk found them. Laughing at their struggles, he took the wardans for his own and made their five Megabosses into his personal bodyguard, known as the Megafist.[1L]

  • Acts of Random Violence - Across the realms, Orruks complicated the plans of the far-seeing seraphon, for the savage whims of the greenskins were almost impossible to predict. Cunning Ironjaw bosses figured out that the seraphon always seemed to be fighting the forces of the Dark Gods, and some went so far as to paint their boys up like Chaos warriors to fool the seraphon into attacking them.[1M]
  • Kingdoms of Scrap - To his annoyance, Megaboss Rutkag reduced the Cogoth Copperlands to rubble and thereby ran out of foes to fight. Never ones to let good scrap go to waste and impatient for a good fight, Rutkag's Ironjaw warclan divided into a dozen fragments, each one building teetering ruin-forts from the rubble, and they waged a long yet satisfying war against each other.[1M]
  • Drums of Waaagh! - The Warchanter Bonzog wandered the realms rousing Ironjawz and countless other Orruks to war. Following the drumming beat in his head, Bonzog sought out places where he could hammer out his message at a deafening volume. The Hollow Peaks of Garm, the Gilded Worldbell and the Ringing Crystal Forests of Ghyran all echoed to the thunder of his stikks. As he travelled, other Warchanters joined Bonzog, each Orruk eager to share the beat of war.[1M]
  • Da Boss Keep - High in the Shardlung Peaks, Megaboss Kagrak captured the Crookblade Chaos Dreadhold from the Warhaunters tribe. Such was the determination of the Warhaunter lords and their armies to reclaim the fortress, Kagrak decided to keep the castle. Soon its skull-lined walls and towers were covered in Orruk glyphs.[1M]
  • Lightning Iron - Though countless Ironjawz tried to loot sigmarite from the Stormcasts, the metal always vanished before it could be claimed. Instead, to make it clear that they were just as impressive as Sigmar's boys, some clans settled for painting their iron to match the Stormcasts’ shining plate.[1M]

Big Waaagh!

As the Age of Sigmar dawned, the shadow of Gordrakk stretched across the realms like a great raised fist. Chaos castellans kept a wary eye on the horizon, and in the depths of their holds, the fyreslayers felt the ground shaking, while in the wilds of Ghyran the sylvaneth sensed that a great predator drew near. Even the Stormcast Eternals could feel a growing rumbling fit to rival the Storm of Sigmar in all its fury.[1M]


The organisation of Ironjawz warclans is as chaotic and brutal as the Ironjawz orruks themselves. Their greenskin armies are built from huge unruly mobs, gathered into fists and then smashed together by Megabosses into brawls. Ironjawz, like most Orruks, don’t bother with pointless things like poetry, personal hygiene or numbers above five.


Armies of Ironjawz seem to respond in an almost instinctual way to the presence of foes. To their enemies, the battlefield behaviour of the orruks can appear simple and blunt, but beneath the roiling greenskin ranks is a unity of purpose few armies possess. At the centre of the Ironjaw leadership are hard-headed bosses keeping the boys in line. Much of Orruk language involves delivering backhanded blows and well-timed headbutts. A Megaboss can explain their entire strategy to a boss by giving them a sharp clip around the ear, the underling knowing at once what is expected of them. This is the foundation of all Orruk battle plans; the biggest ones take charge over anyone they can smack about and take orders from anyone who can knock them down. Orruks accept this as a fundamental law, and often have trouble understanding why other races follow leaders just because they know magic stuff, own a flashy fort or wear a big hat – though some warclans have, in the past, tried to make the big hat system of leadership work, albeit with little success.[1d]


The basic building block of all their formations is the Mob, which is led by a Boss, and can be any size. Five orruks is a mob, but so is five hundred. While orruks are not great at counting how many boys are in a mob, those on foot and those on gruntas tend to stick together. This is more a natural byproduct of the fastest Ironjawz getting to the fight first than it is about ‘taktiks’.[1d]


Things get more ‘precise’ when it comes to organising multiple mobs. These are gathered into fives, one for each finger a Megaboss can count on. These mob gatherings are known as Fists, and just like the bunched fingers of an orruk, they are great for smashing stuff. In fact, this is often how a Megaboss will form a fist, showing a mob boss an open hand before closing the fingers and thumping them, much to the amusement of all involved. It is a brutally effective method of organisation and one that has worked for the Ironjawz for as long as any of them can remember. Not all Megabosses are created equal, however, and some have trouble getting even to five, especially if they have lost fingers or, worse, whole hands. Others are rare and talented generals, at least by Orruk standards, and have discovered that if they hold both their hands next to each other, they can get to ten. Rumours tell of mysterious barefoot Orruks that can count even higher, but most Ironjawz don’t believe such fantastical tales.[1d]

Sometimes, a fist will be led by a Warchanter or Weirdnob Shaman instead of a Megaboss. Warchanters lead huge processions of rumbling, chanting Orruks, Ironjawz and Ardboys massing behind them. Weirdnobs are the bane of sorcerers and magical hosts alike, and the Waaagh! energies created by a Weirdfist are released as crackling bolts of power at any unsuspecting army foolish enough to be in their path.[1d]


When a group of fists are fighting together, they are collectively known as a Brawl. Typically, a brawl will be five fists bashed together under the leadership of a single Megaboss. Unlike the more rigid military structures of other races, a brawl is not a permanent thing, even though it might fight together under a single, iron-fisted Megaboss for years or decades of unadulterated violence.[1e][1I]

Brawls are not created in the marshalling yards of keeps or cities, but are usually formed in the heat of battle. No Orruk worth their teeth would follow someone they didn’t know was good in a scrap, so Ironjawz join brawls more by proximity than intent. A Megaboss will stand on the back of their Maw-krusha, or perhaps scale a mound of broken enemy bodies, and make it clear with a wave of their choppa that all the fists they can see are now part of their brawl. Ironjawz take this kind of leadership in their stride, and if the bossy Orruk on the Maw-krusha says go smash up that keep, who are they to argue?[1e]

Brawls are used as weapons by any Megaboss powerful enough to keep one together, and their agendas are usually quite simple. If a fortress is barring the path, or a powerful monster or famous general makes their presence known nearby, this is all the excuse needed for a brawl to form. Brawls made up of Brutefists are used as battering rams against any defence hoping to stand against the Ironjawz. Cloud-piercing battlements and spike-riddled moats are simply seen as invitations to the Ironjawz, who are always eager to rip down walls or pile over obstacles to get to a good fight. Brawls of Gore-gruntas tend to overwhelm their prey with sudden speed and terrifying strength, although the gruntas might sometimes stop to feed upon fallen enemies despite the roaring of their riders.[1e]

Organisation of a Brawl

  • Ironjaw Bosses - Every brawl is led by a boss, be it a Megaboss, Weirdnob Shaman or bawling Warchanter. A particularly strong Megaboss might have several other big bosses to push about, and to keep all the mob bosses from getting any ideas.[1g]
  • Ironfist - Ironfists are versatile formations with a mix of Brutes, Gore-gruntas and Ardboys – Brutes for smashing, Gore-gruntas for charging, and Ardboys for all the other stuff.[1g][1H]
  • Brutefist - Few things compare to the overwhelming force of a Brutefist, its Ironjawz beating, smashing and battering everything in their path.[1g][1D]
  • Gorefist - Gorefists are massed mobs of Gore-gruntas, all thundering across the battlefield as fast as they can to slam into the enemy. In battle they are often part of a Megaboss’ ‘taktiks’, attacking flanks and other soft bits of the opposing army.[1g][1E]
  • Weirdfist - Weirdfists blaze with green light as they fight, the Waaagh! energy of the boys fuelling the powers of the Weirdnob.[1g][1G]
  • Ardfist - A steady thump of drums accompanies the march of an Ardfist, and the savagebeat of the Warchanter adds to the din.[1g][1F]


Ironjaw warclans can come in almost any size, ranging from a single Megaboss, Warchanter or Weirdnob Shaman followed by a motley army of boys, all the way up to continent spanning Ironjaw ‘empires’ made up of scores of Megabosses and many brawls, all under the iron rule of a single massive Megaboss. It is a well-known fact that the more an Ironjaw warclan fights, the bigger it gets; additional Ironjawz are summoned by the sound of battle, while an ascendant Megaboss grows physically larger as the Waaagh! intensifies around them. It is a process that continues to rampage out of control until either the Ironjawz run out of enemies and turn on each other, or their leader is slain and usurped by a bigger, stronger Megaboss.[1f]

Most warclans’ names are bestowed by the Megaboss that battered them together, and are usually something descriptive intended to impress and intimidate other clans and enemies. The Bloodgrins, for instance, wipe their mouths in the blood of those they’ve defeated and leave bloody handprints on their armour, faces and gruntas. Dethtoofs paint their teeth black, or replace them with bits of shiny blackrock, the fangs of monsters, or razor-sharp metal fragments. Ironjawz of the Stoneskulls Warclan paint their iron bone-white like the skeletons of the dead they leave behind. Many warclans take their name from the place where they were formed. These include the dun-armoured Ironclawz from the Forest of Claws, the black-armoured Asheater Boyz of the Soot Peaks or the Brutes of the Skybasha Warclan who plunder the skyways in their airborne scrap-hulks. A powerful boss might also lend their own name to a warclan, as in the case of Doggrok's Choppas, Zedek's Weirdladz or the Hooktoof Scrappas. Gordrakk’s infamy is a prime example of this, and the number of warclans bearing his name or moniker, the Fist of Gork, grows with each passing day.[1f]

Some warclans keep the name of a dead Megaboss, often along with their remains, as a sort of trophy. These Ironjawz like to claim that this means they are never defeated, as was the case with the Grok Skullz Warclan, who carried the skull of Megaboss Grok with them for centuries so he could oversee the final destruction of the clan’s enemies. Gordrakk’s original warclan, the Fang-krushas, have followed a slightly unusual path, and are now typically led by a Megaboss from his Megafist, alongside the many other warclans who have joined in his ever-growing Waaagh!. They have kept their name, however, and are more than a little smug and boastful about their association with the Fist of Gork, whether the other warclans believe them or not. Regardless of their name, a warclan’s sole reason for existing is to fight, and fight some more. Raising idols, good looting and destructive vandalism are all secondary to the act of expending their strength as violently and as often as they can. In this sense, warclans are purely catastrophic forces, moving across the land destroying anyone or anything with the audacity to be in the way. For every great warclan that walks the realms, there is a trail of broken empires and shattered lands left behind.[1f]

Known Warclans

  • Stoneskulls - Stoneskulls paint their armour a distinctive bone white so their foes know who is clobbering them. The warclan also add crimson ‘teef’ and flame designs to go with all the normal mess of killing stuff that inevitably ends up on them.[1f][1t]
  • Forest of Claws.[1f]
  • Asheater Boyz - Asheater Boyz of the Ghyran Soot Peaks paint their armour with the incinerated remains of sylvaneth, just because they can. They also paint some of their iron red and white to look like blood and bone, showing off just how brutal they are.[3f][3s]
  • Skybasha - The Skybasha Warclan make their armour from shiny sky-iron. However, they still want to look like they mean business so they paint red teeth onto their armour, and red on their best weapons – like their boss klaws – so no one thinks they have gone soft.[3f][3t]
  • Doggrok's Choppas - Doggrok’s Choppas are led by the Weirdnob Shaman Ka-rokk, who carries about Doggrok’s skull on a stick. Ka-rokk says Doggrok told him to tell the boys to paint war-checks on their armour, and no one dares argue with Doggrok, alive or dead.[3f][3s]
  • Zedek's Weirdladz - Zedek’s Weirdladz are led by the Weirdnob Shaman Zedek, who is well known for setting things on fire, mostly on purpose. The warclan’s orange and black armour makes the few inevitable burning orruks less distracting as their mobs charge into battle.[3f][3t]
  • Hooktoof Scrappas.[3f]

Main Units


  • Ardboys - Tightly packed ranks of Ardboys plough into the fray to the sound of booming war drums and snapping banners. Shoulder plate to shoulder plate, the Orruks fight ferociously, their violence focused by the roaring orders of their boss and their eagerness to impress the mighty Ironjawz.[1A]
  • Brutes - Brutes lumber into battle seeking out the biggest monsters and the most violent enemies to batter into submission. Leading the way are their grinning bosses, savage warriors that like nothing more than to wrap their meaty fingers around their victim's neck and give them a good and proper bashing.[1y]
  • Warchanter - Warchanters hammer out the drumbeat of the Waaagh! with their stikks, the booming rythm calling all Orruks to war. Wild-eyed rabble-rousers, their concussive tempo increases as battle is joined, the Warchanter thumping anything within reach. The resultant surge of Waaagh! energy courses through the Ironjawz, driving them into a frenzy of violence.[1w]


  • Gore-gruntas - Gore-gruntas storm across the battlefield in a cacophony of hoofbeats and wild snorting. Gruntas rip up the ground and Orruk riders bellow out war cries as the Gore-gruntas pull ahead of the Ironjaw charge. Leaving their foot-bound brothers behind, they are the first to crash with theeth-loosening force into the ranks of the opposing army.[1z]



  • Weirdnob Shaman - Vomiting gouts of crackling green energy, Weirdnob Shamans stagger about the battlefield loosing the power of the Waaagh! upon the foes of the Ironjawz. Glowing green fists, rivers of lethal force and gargantuan stomping feet all assail the enemy as the shaman channels the savage impulses of hordes of bellowing, bashing Orruks.[1x]
  • Megaboss - A Megaboss is the undisputed leader of his Ironjawz. Hordes of Orruks follow the hulking warlord into the heart of battle where the best fighting is found. Clad in layers of iron and wielding massive weapons, Megabosses take great pleasure in besting enemy champions, while their barley contained Waaagh! energy drives their boys into a frenzy. An Ironjaw Megaboss on a Maw-krusha barrels across the battlefield in an unstoppable avalanche of ill-tempered muscle that turns everything in its path into pulverised meat. For each hero that falls under the Megaboss' massive weapons, the Orruk swells with savage pride, while his boys fight all the harder as their boss lets out his "Waaagh!"[1v]

Known Ironjawz

  • Gordrakk Fist of Gork - Gordrakk is the biggest and the baddest Ironjaw Megaboss about, and he claims all greenskins for his Great Waaagh! With his twin axes, Smasha and Kunnin’, he lops off heads and cracks open skulls, while beneath his iron-shod boots, the Megaboss’ huge Maw-krusha, Bigteef, crushes enemies to pulp, or bursts their innards with a deafening bellow.[3u][2]