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Ironsunz are notorious for throwing their weight around, lording their place in Gordrakk’s Great Waaagh! over the other warclans and stomping about in their flashy yellow armour. They are, however, both cunning and good at giving out kickings, so most boys know better than to mess with them.[1]


The Ironsunz are one of the largest warclans to fight in Gordrakk’s Waaagh!. Mobs wearing their flashy yellow armour can be seen in almost every realm, and the Ironsunz throw their weight around making sure everyone knows that they are the best. Megaboss Dakkbad Grotkicker has risen to rule the Ironsunz over a trail of bashed-in skulls and broken bones. The previous Megaboss of the Ironsunz, Gutdrukk Fourfist, made the mistake of keeping Dakkbad around. Unfortunately for Gutdrukk, Dakkbad encouraged the Megaboss through a Realmgate to the heart of the Bloodspire Chaos Dreadhold, and then smashed up the gate so that – he claimed – none of the Chaos Warriors could get away. Everyone knows that Dakkbad is cunning, and some orruks even reckon he might have an eye on Gordrakk’s position. If the Fist of Gork is concerned about this, he hasn’t let on. If Dakkbad ever decides to have a go at usurping the Great Waaagh!, he had better make it count, because if he fails, the last thing he’ll see is the edge of Gordrakk’s axe.[1a]

The River of Souls

Out of the Arch of Secrets spilled the Ironsunz. Their Megaboss, Dakkbad Grotkicker, was the first to bull his way into the Nightlands of Shyish. Snuffing the air, mobs of Gore-gruntas followed, then clanking, cursing mobs of Brutesall looking to Dakkbad to tell them where the fighting was. Narrowing hiseyes, the Megaboss looked out across the rolling landscape of haunted ruins and crumbling cities toward a glowing river that flickered and danced in the darkness with thousands of writhing ghosts. This was the way his Weirdnob Shaman had said Megaboss Grugek and his Brokeknuckle Boyz had gone – and Dakkbad had some unfinished business with Grugek. With a grunt, the Megaboss led his warclan into the Nightlands looking for a scrap.[1f]

On the edge of the River of Souls sprawled the decaying city of Crookback, its skeletal inhabitant stoiling mindlessly at their tasks. Witha teeth-shaking Waaagh!, Dakkbad and his Maw-krusha Skullzcrakka hurtled into the city, thousands of Ironjawz charging in behind them. At once, legions of Deathrattle warriors shambled to defend their town, and in a shower of splintered bone and orruk blood the two armies crashed together. At the fore, Dakkbad ploughed through enemies and buildings with disdain, leaving a great furrow of destruction behind him. Brutes rained choppa and smasha blows down on skeletal bodies, while rusting weapons thrust back to pierce green hides. On the flanks Goregruntas rolled through the enemy, the beasts’ mouths stuffed with bones.[1f]

With plodding determination, the Deathrattle forces moved to blunt the Ironjawz’ charge. Creaking siege-gateswere hauled into place, and fleshless archers lined the tops of skull-studded towers as pale-faced Deathmages summoned up fresh corpses to bar the orruks’ way. However, each strongpoint was brought down in turn, the Ironjawz simply throwing their weight at foundations and supports until, with screams of tortured wood and stone, the buildings crashed down to become naught but dust and rubble.[1g]

From the upper decks of her mighty barge-keep, Aylessa watched the Ironjawz smashing the grand city of Crookback to pieces and snarled,showing alabaster fangs. With a wave of her hand, she loosed her Morghast attendants and murderous spirits to deal with the savage invaders. Flying and floating on an ethereal wind above a causeway of roiling spirits, Aylessa’s forces advanced on the besieged city.[1g]

Dakkbad heffed his choppa to hack apart another dead thing only to discover that there was nothing but broken bones beneath Skullzcrakka’s fists. Nearby, the remains of the city’s skeletal defenders were still fighting,but howling Brutes and snorting Goregruntas were stomping on them from all sides. Most of the city was now lying in tangled, broken ruins. Then,from out of the dark skies, wailing ranks of undead appeared. First camethe Morghasts, striking the Ironjaw brawl like a punishing spear thrust. Second came the Wraiths, with their grinning skulls and witchfire-filled eye sockets. Many generals might have been wrong-footed by these newcomers,but Dakkbad’s face split with a toothy grin, his disappointment of a moment ago washed away by the impending violence. Despite the Megaboss’ joy, however, the Ironjawz were now being forced back, where only seconds before they had owned the field. Massive winged Morghasts hacked orruks apart with blinding speed, while the death-cursed scythes of the Cairn Wraiths turned flesh to dust with each chilling swing. A wave of uncertainty passed through the orruks, and for a moment, the fate of the battle hung in the balance. Then the drumbeat began.[1g]

All through the battle, Warchanter Borguz had been hammering withhis stikks, but now he picked up the tempo, his frenzy infecting the nearby orruks. Even then, it might not have been enough to turn the tide against the terrifying undead, had not the haunted lands surrounding the city come alive with Ardboys. Heeding Borguz’s call, they poured into the ruins, comingfrom the orruk tribes of the Nightlands to join the Ironjawz. Dakkbad slammed into the monstrous Morghasts, scattering their winged formation, his army answering the undead’s fury tenfold until nothing remained of the city but ash, splinters and the retreating remnants of Aylessa’s army.[1g]

For days of ceaseless twilight, the Ironjawz followed Aylessa’s vessel down the River of Souls. The vampire set desperate ambushes in the dead cities they passed in an effort to slow the horde, but her spectral hosts fell as before, and the cities crumbled under jagged-edged choppas. Yet, as satisfying as this destruction was for Dakkbad, it was just part of the Megaboss’ cunning plan. While Aylessa’s eyes were fixed on the Ironsunz’ rampage, Dakkbad’s Gore-gruntas had ranged out ahead of the brawl to something the Nightlands Ardboys had told the boss about. As the barge-keep rounded a twist in theriver, the monolithic Deathlord’s Gate loomed up above it, a towering statue of Nagash that stood astride the river. At Dakkbad’s signal, the Gore-gruntas battered at the legs of the statue, and the edifice plunged into the river before Aylessa’s keep, driving it to the bank.[1h]

Upon the shore, Dakkbad was ready, his Brutefists formed up to strike across the bridge of rubble and into the grounded barge-keep. Aylessa, however, had plans of her own. Descending from the vessel, the vampire’s Coven Throne rode in the midst of a torrent of wailing Spirit Hosts. Meanwhile, from out of the boiling ethereal waters of the river,scores of sinister Morghasts emerged and swept into the orruks’ ranks.[1i]

Dakkbad plunged into the undead ranks, causing the spectral army to part around his Maw-krusha as he tromped toward the Coven Throne.Nearby, shaking statue dust from their fur, Gore-gruntas swept around to face the Morghasts. However, as the beasts drew close to the edge of the river, they grew even more unruly, snorting furiously as Spirit Hosts reached out of the waters toward them. The bonemonsters turned from scything their way through mobs of Ardboys to facethe Gorefists, the two sides smashing together to a riot of wild snorts ands pine-chilling howls. Then, from the midst of the Morghasts emerged a willowy figure. Opening her mouth impossibly wide, the Banshee let out a heart-stopping scream. In that instant, dozens of orruks and gruntas crashed to the ground, their flesh turning pale as the life was stolen from them. Over the corpses, the tide of undead continued its charge, decimating Dakkbad’s Brutes.[1i]

The Megaboss and Maw-krusha hit the vampire’s throne like a cannon ball.Spirits scattered and Aylessa’s coven was thrown to the ground, splinters showering in all directions. A pale blur, Aylessa leapt clear, all grace and death. Her flashing blade carved a deep furrow down Dakkbad’s armour, but he barely noticed. Skullzcrakka stamped through Aylessa’s brood, and the only hissing vampire to clamber up the Maw-krusha’s side was met by a face shattering headbutt from Dakkbad.[1i]

On the ground, amid the ruins of her Coven Throne, Aylessa was a whirlwind of murder, holding back a dozen Brutes. The Megaboss looked over the melee and saw the Morghasts caving in the side of his army, as more spirits emerged from the river to join them. The fearsome Morghasts had been unexpected, but Dakkbad had an idea.Turning Skullzcrakka from the fight, he swooped over the undead host toward the side of the vessel that lay beneath the waterline. Plunging into the river, the Maw-krusha punched a hole in its hull. Screaming out in rage, Aylessa turned her army from slaughtering the orruks to try to save her ship. But she was too late. By the time the vampire had fought her way onto the deck, the ship was already sliding back, beneath the ghostly waters. As the last darkly graceful spire vanished into the river, she saw Dakkbad upon the shore leering at her from the back of his beast, the orruk’s brutish laughter booming out into the Nightlands.[1i]

Known members of the Ironsunz


Ironsunz are notorious for throwing their weight around, lording their place in Gordrakk’s Great Waaagh! over the other warclans and stomping about in their flashy yellow armour. They are, however, both cunning and good at giving out kickings, so most boys know better than to mess with them. Sometimes, Ironjawz will have mismatched bits of iron on their armour and weapons that they have not yet got around to painting in the warclan colours. They might deliberately leave it this way if they want to show off a shiny choppa or boss klaw. Ironjawz will loot anything on the battlefield that catches their eye, be it the skulls of enemies, broken weapons or just shiny bits of iron. They then strap these to their armour, usually on their shoulders. These trophies are then themselves painted or cobbled together with other looted objects, creating icons that are unique to each orruk. The red markings on the Ironsunz’ armour represent teeth, flames or claws depending on which orruk is telling the story. All agree, though, that on the yellow Ironsunz plates, they look dead scary and especially killy. Especially lucky Ironjawz get to carry Gore-choppas, which are left as raw iron to show how shiny they are.[1b][1c][1d]

Megabosses strap the biggest trophies they can find onto their armour, to prove they are the biggest and meanest. Dakkbad Grotkicker carries with him the skull of the legendary Chaos Lord Felgraen Hexflayer, so no one will ever forget just how hard he is. Skullzcrakka, Dakkbad’s Maw-krusha, wears armour painted in similar colours to his master, and his red and black scale colouration mean he was probably reared in the trackless wilderness somewhere deep within fiery Aqshy.[1b][1d]

Even though they don’t wear armour, Weirdnob Shamans wrap themselves in robes of their warclan’s colours.[1b]

Warchanters often festoon their armour with horns and bones to make themselves even more fearsome.[1b]

Gruntas are covered in jagged bits of iron, some painted in the colours of the clan, others shiny, rusty or stained. Grunta riders like to paint some of the red ‘teef’ on their mount’s armour horizontally to make them go faster.[1c]

The brass plates of Brutes were likely scavenged from Khornate warriors, always a good source of iron. Brutes often add extra ‘teef’ to their weapons using whatever iron they can find, giving them more bite.[1d]

Ardboys carry standards to identify themselves, like those holding up the symbol of the Ironhorn mob. The iron gob of Gork is a common icon of the Ardboys, and also makes for a pretty good weapon. To maintain discipline, Ardboys have musicians with massive iron drums bound in the same metals as their armour. Also keeping order are hulking bosses, usually armed with the biggest weapons they can lay their hands on.[1e]

The Scrapskull mob bear the symbol of the iron skull, and they all go to battle wearing full face helms.[1e]