The Jorlbad and Eurlbad are the two main fighting arms of the Alfrostun. One combats and crushes the foe, while the other grasps and devours them. Both halves battle as one to enforce the will of their Frostlord and lead the rest of the Alfrostun into battle against the prey.


The crack of huge pistols and the thump of massive crossbows mark the arrival of the Alfrostun’s Stonehorn riders and Mournfang packs. These are the warriors of the raid’s Jorlbad and Eurlbad, the two principal fighting arms of the Alfrostun. As the riders thunder into battle, huge clubs crack bones and massive cleavers hack foes apart. In these attacks, the Jorlbad and Eurlbad are as a spear and shield, the two working together to attack and defend. The eager warriors of the Jorlbad run down fleeing enemies, while counter-attacks come to a crashing halt when they meet the savage Mournfang packs of the Eurlbad. One could not thrive without the other; the Jorlbad would quickly become cut off and surrounded, while the Eurlbad would make no headway against their opponents. Both are equally vicious in carrying out the Frostlord’s will and both compete constantly to harvest the greatest number of prey.

The Jorlbad has the honour of striking first and claiming first blood. The most intimidating targets are theirs to smash, from monstrous Zombie Dragons and hissing Magmadroths to sigmarite-clad Decimators and cruel Skullcrushers. Lines are broken apart by ground-shaking Stonehorn charges, and the gaps torn wider with packs of Mournfang cavalry. The Jorlbad does not pause to finish off the wounded or pillage the battlefield, instead ploughing on in search of fresh glories.


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