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Vandus Hammerhand and a Lord-Castellant surrounded by Judicators of the Hammers of Sigmar

The Judicators attack with speed and accuracy, with arcing, whistling volleys of arrows and bolts signalling their arrival in battle. The massed, howling forces of Chaos are their sworn, hated enemies, and they will soon feel the wrath of sigmarite crossbow bolts and hissing, crackling arrows of purest lightning. The Judicators disseminate their anger with stoic mercilessness, and leave nothing in their wake but death.[1a]


Theirs is the power of death from afar. Armed with skybolt bows or boltstorm crossbows, retinues of Judicators scours wathes of the battlefield by loosing hails of deadly missiles fire.[1a]

Skybolt bows send forth arrows that inflight turn to arcs of lightning. Upon reaching their target, the sparkling bolts strike with such force they caneasily penetrate armour or the toughest of hides. Boltstorm crossbows, though shorter-ranged than skybolt bows, fire much at a much greater rate. They shoot out a flurry of bolts, crackling shafts of energy that can fell multiple foes in a single volley.[1a]

Judicator retinues can most often be found fighting alongside Liberators, for they both form a major part of the Warrior Chambers of any Stormhost. In small numbers Judicators provide supporting firepower, while in larger retinues they can eradicate entire enemy attacks themselves, dropping rank after rank of charging foes before any assault presses home. Should a foe prove numerous enough to withstand such an onslaught and actually reach the Judicators’ lines, they will find no easy mark. When each warrior draws his storm gladius – a short, stabbing sword – the Judicators can more than hold their own in combat.[1a]

Some Judicator retinues provide heavier support in the form of a shockbolt bow or thunderbolt crossbow. A shot from a shockbolt bow explodes into a writhing chain of lightning that can scorch a series of targets or immolate a single unfortunate foe. The hefty thunderbolt crossbow instead fires a twin-tailed comet of energy which strikes with deadly and explosive impact.[1a]

Thus far, of all the Stormhosts, the Sunbolts have made the most use of massed Judicator retinues. Such has been their success, however, that many other Stormhosts will soon follow suit.[1a]


Like all Stormcast Eternals, Judicators wear heavy sigmarite armour in the colours of their Stormhost. Judicators wielding skybolt bows will wear haloed helms while those wielding boltstorm crossbows will wear crested ones. They wear a 4-point star on their left shoulders as symbol of the Justicar Conclave. A Judicator-Prime leads this unit.[1b]

  • Skybolt bows - Reinforced recurved bows, with sigmarite banding around the handle and limb end that fire deadly skybolt arrows.
  • Boltstorm crossbows - Mechanically-repeating, short-ranged, rapid-firing crossbows. The many bolts that this weapon unleashes can pierce armour and wither flesh.
  • Storm gladius - A long knife worn at the waist for use in combat.
  • Thunderbolt crossbow - A brutal two handed weapon that fires blasts of celestial magic.