Kairos Fateweaver, known to mortals as the Daemon Oracle, has gazed upon aspects of the universe that even Tzeentch himself has never dared witness. In many ways that is Fateweaver’s entire reason for existence; he was flung by his master’s ineffable will into the Well of Eternity, where he learned dire truths that Tzeentch only draws upon in times of extreme need. Since his passage through the well, no scheme has been hidden from Kairos’ two-headed gaze. His rightmost head sees the future; the infinite possibilities of tomorrow are his to unpick. The eyes of his left head gaze upon past, perceiving the entirety of history, uncoloured by perspective or bias. Yet despite his cosmos-spanning prescience, Kairos is oblivious to rapid acts and evolutions that occur around him – the future does not unfold for him quickly enough to predict the ebb and flow of battle. Because of this, the Greater Daemon manipulates his pawns from a safe distance. Only in times of grave importance does he stoop to personally intervene, but when he does, the results are spectacular.[1a]


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