The Khailebron has learned well the arts of concealment, stealth and obfuscation. Those who worship at the temples of Khailebron revere the assassin and the unseen killer, and strive to be masters of ambushes and sudden strikes. As a consequence, they are often tasked by Morathi to travel the realms on missions to deliver lethal messages on behalf of the High Oracle, to both enemies and erstwhile allies.

Khailebron's war covens maintain a public facade of performing troupes of blade dancers and graceful pitfighters, but the sect's true rituals are kept well hidden from prying eyes. They arrive in battle shrouded by rolling banks of mist, and revel in misdirection and illusion. Just when the enemy thinks they see the true threat, another attack strikes unlooked for to rip the heart out of their army.


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