Khelt Nar

The Khelt Nar has become the fastest growing of the sects established by Morathi. It began at Ironshard, a single Khainite shrine founded by the High Oracle atop a flat-topped mountain of iron known as the Rothtor. Seeing the potential in that bounteous natural resource, Morathi used powerful sorcery to mould an imposing stronghold from the enormous ferrous precipice, as well as the lands surrounding it.

Despite the layers of shadow magic that obscure the temple-fortress of Khelt Nar, the forces of the Ruinous Powers have located and invaded it no fewer than six times. Each attack has thus far been thwarted but it has meant that the war covens of Khelt Nar have developed a hatred of Chaos that far transcends even that of their rival sects. The Khelt Nar have established over two dozen lesser temples all across Ulgu.


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