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Shrieking harridans of the skies, the Khinerai Harpies descend from the clouds upon membranous pinions. They are the winged Children of Morathi, her vengeance given flight, and nowhere on the battlefield is safe from their vicious, swooping attacks.

Similar to their kin the Melusai, the Khinerai Harpies are the twisted offspring of daemon-tainted aelf soul, Morathi's blood and magics, and vengeance itself. All Khinerai are formed in Hagg Nar, where their broods can be found upon the soaring Ashspires. At each shade solstice, the ritual of Gristead takes place, and Morathi chooses flocks to send to each temple-sect across the Mortal Realms.

The are two types of Khinerai

  • Khinerai Heartrenders
  • Khinerai Lifetakers