The Khinerai Heartrenders sweep out of the skies, dark streaks that cut swiftly through low clouds. With streams of vapour still clinging to their bodies, the winged aelves pull up, using their forward momentum to help launch cruelly barbed javelins with great force. These spike-ridden spears travel with such velocity that they can skewer both a mounted warrior and their steed, and still maintain enough impetus to embed themselves deep into the ground. The Heartrenders do not stop to watch, however, and are instantly flapping away to another part of the battlefield, new javelins materialising out of the mists into their hands. Constantly in motion, they quickly dart out of range of any return attacks, all the while their hawk-sharp eyes scanning for their next victims. Should a tempting enough target present itself, the Heartrenders will forgo their missile assault and dive straight into combat.



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