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Khorgos Khul is the Mighty Lord of the Bloodbound warhorde known as the Goretide.


The Rise of Khul

As the Age of Chaos dawned, the worshippers of the Dark Gods swept into the Mortal Realms in great strength. The very first warrior to set foot upon the sulphurous soil of Aqshy was Khorgos Khul, then an Aspiring Deathbringer who had risen from amongst the Skullreapers of his tribe.

That day, as the Nexus Wars reached their bloody conclusion, Khul had already felled the blazing Gargant that barred the archway into Aqsharya. Now, steeped in gore and glory, Khul stormed the mighty Tower of Wrath that watched over the Arc Gate.

The tower's defenders had been surprised by the sheer speed of the Bloodbound attack, and Khul was able to slide beneath the tower’s great portcullis before it crashed down. Locked inside the mighty bastion, Khul hacked a red path through overwhelming opposition. Alone and sorely wounded, Khul overpowered the spear-wielding fire-monks who guarded the tower’s gatehouse and raised its portcullis once more. The Bloodbound poured inside with bellows of rage, and so began the battle for Aqsharya, greatest city of the Conflagorian Heights.

Khorgos Khul not only survived his bloody deeds that day, but was rewarded mightily for them. Khorne saw in Khul a worthy champion and bestowed upon him vast strength, Chaos armour, and the power to dominate those of weaker will. In return, Khul ambitiously vowed to conquer the whole Realm of Fire in the Blood God’s name. He began with Aqsharya, seizing command of an army across the course of that bloody conquest and emerging from the city’s fall as the new Mighty Lord of the Warhorde known as the Goretide.

Since that time, Khul’s star has risen in accordance with that of his god. Sustained by the immortal energies of Khorne, Khul has lived a hundred times his mortal span and more. He has fought wars without number, always striving to follow his own twisted code of martial honour. With each victory, the ranks of the Goretide have swelled, Deathbringers by the thousand pledging their followers to Khul’s cause. The Goretide has still only crossed a fraction of Aqshy’s vastness, but under the warrior kingship of Korghos Khul it has conquered a swathe of kingdoms. From the toppling of Scorched Keep that earned Khul his monstrous axe, to the horrific purge of the Direbrand tribe that saw him gifted with the Flesh Hound Grizzlemaw, the Goretide has proved itself worthy of Khorne’s patronage time and again. They have ventured often into other realms at their Mighty Lord’s behest, yet always Khul returns to Aqshy, for it is there that his destiny lies.

Khul is using the people of the Burning Realm he has enslaved to erect unholy edifices and shrines to the Blood God. One such edifice is the Red Pyramid of Khul. This is almost completed, however, Khul is waiting to place the final skull to crown the monument. He searches for the skull of an immortal to earn him daemonhood and, thus, immortality. [1]

Ash and Flame

During the Malign Portents crisis, the realm of Aqshy suffered from the Red Mists, rising from bloodshed and driving those exposed into a violent frenzy. To Khorne's amusement, these mists were stoked by mortals, resulting in the Orb Infernia being drawn towards Aqshy. Khul led his forces to claim the hollow planetoid, slaughtering not only the Seraphon keeping the present daemon princes in a state of perpetual conflict, but also the daemons not aligned with Khorne. The Orb Infernia was then claimed as Khorgos Khul's personal stronghold.

As the armies of Khorne descended from the Orb, his enemies channelled the Red Mists into the mechanisms of the Infinity Gears. These efforts charged the weapon and blasted the Orb Infernia with temporal energies, reserving time and reverting it to how it was before, the Seraphon and warring daemon princes returning. Khorgos Khul's victories were undone.[2]


Khorgos Khul is armed as any Mighty Lord of Khorne is. He bears an Axe of Khorne, and is accompanied by a Flesh Hound. The Axe of Khorne has the ability to rend holes in the fabric of reality, while the Flesh Hound can claw through enemies.

The Flesh Hound's Collar of Khorne is an eldritch device allowing the owner to unbind spells.[3]