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Wherever shines the light of the Knights-Azyros, there too can almighty Sigmar see. These are the heralds and messengers of the Stormhost, the master scouts and reconnaissance leaders of the Strike Chambers. The vanguard of Sigmar’s Storm, where they fly, the lightning is sure to follow…[1a]


Soaring on wings of light, a Knight-Azyros speeds across the battlefield like an avenging angel. He bears a scintillating starblade – a sword that glints and shimmers. In his other hand a Knight-Azyros carries a celestial beacon. When that lamp is unshuttered, out pours the searing light of the Heavens themselves – beams far different than the golden rays of a Lord-Castellant’s warding lantern.[1a]

To those faithful to almighty Sigmar in deed and thought, the celestial beacon’s beam is a wonder to behold. Flashing before their eyes are multicoloured clouds of nebulae and the shining of stars uncountable. It is but the briefest of glimpses of the all-spanning cosmos, its rays of divine illumination, the coruscating glory of all the stars that ever were. To the least of Sigmar’s foes, it is something else altogether…[1a]

A scalding light. Pain heaped upon pain. Pain that grows into an agony so unbearable that death would be welcome in its stead. And they suffer but a fraction of what a minion of the Chaos powers must bear. For them – daemon or tainted mortal alike – to behold the light of the celestial beacon is a torment unlike that which even their Dark Gods could conceive. In writhing spasms of unendurable purity they twist, smoulder and dissolve into wisps of smoke, a last nothingness that is scattered by the scantest of breezes.[1a]

As part of a Strike Chamber’s auxiliary command, a Knight-Azyrosis deployed where his Lord-Celestant sees fit. Most often this is as the tip of the spear for a Stormhost assault, for where flies the Knight-Azyros, there also can Sigmar more easily cast his divine bolts. Knights-Azyros are messengers in the gloom of the realms, seeking out former allies and bringing light into regions where even divine Sigmar’s gaze cannot penetrate.[1a]

Known Knights-Azyros


A Knight-Azyros is armed with a Starblade and carries a Celestial Beacon.[1b]