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When Sigmar loosed his war upon the Chaos invaders he did so with realm-shaking thunder. Out of the lightning strode his Stormhosts, and at their fore came the Knights-Heraldor. It was the clarion call of their battle-horns that announced the assault of the new armies from the Heavens.[1a]


To battle! For Sigmar! So sound the clear notes ringing from the horn of the Knight-Heraldor. Each radiant blast announces the return of justice and righteousness to the Mortal Realms.To some, the battle-horn sounds like thunder booming overhead, to others, its notes are but trumpet blasts of glory, the very sound of victory. Many hear the notes of hope returning to lands where it has been long forgotten.[1a]

A Knight-Heraldor is a Stormcast Eternal champion, an officer within the auxiliary command of a Strike Chamber. He is assigned to a brotherhood or formation by a Lord-Celestant. As a Knight-Heraldor’s presence bolsters nearby comrades, they are almost always found in the midst of an assault, where the battle is fiercest. There, in the thick of combat, he exhorts his brethren to glory.[1a]

With each magnificent note sounded upon the battle-horn, a Knight-Heraldor rallies nearby Stormcast Eternals. The radiant sounds send forth a surge of celestial force, a booming wall of sound that drives and energises the just to deeds beyond normal capabilities. Each Stormhost, and indeed each different chamber, has its own specific fanfares and rallying calls.[1a]

At need, a Knight-Heraldor can turn the power of the battle-horn to destructive purposes, booming like the very voice of the God-King. These notes burst forth like a resounding detonation, a thunderclap that triumphantly announces the arrival of the armies from the Heavens. Such are the reverberations of the battle-horn that its sound can fell trees and shake buildings apart, sending them to crash down upon nearby enemies.[1a]

In combat a Knight-Heraldor is a supreme warrior, even amongst the Stormcast Eternals. Each bears a sigmarite broadsword – a blade of formidable length and heft that can be used to deadly effect. With a single flurry of powerful blows, Thullos of the Celestial Vindicators split a Khorgorath apart down the middle. Such deeds of martial prowess typify Knights-Heraldor of all Stormhosts – not for nothing is it said that where their battle-horns sound, victory follows.[1a]

Known Knight-Heraldor


A Knight-Heraldor is armed with a Sigmarite Broadsword, and carries a Battle-horn.[1b]