Unlike the other officers of the Strike Chambers, the Knights-Questor bear no burden of command. It is not for them to marshal the chambers or lead them to war. Instead, each Knight-Questor carries a far greater weight – a quest bestowed upon them by Sigmar that often impels them to leave their comrades and strike out into the untamed realms, there to find the destiny for which they were chosen.

The geas which so rules them differs from knight to knight. Some will be tasked with the destruction of a particular foe, and will hunt them tirelessly across burning plains, uncharted seas and shattered mountains. Others might have far more esoteric tasks – they might bear a jewelled egg into the heights of the Skybite Mountains of Ghur and leave it atop a lonely peak, or deliver a cryptic message to a Swifthawk Agent outpost in Hysh, never knowing what purpose their quest served. Whatever their task, it rules each Knight-Questor completely. No Stormcast Eternal commander can order a Knight-Questor from their allotted path, though some might be sorely tempted to try, given their strength at arms. Theirs is a holy duty, and they are given free rein to pursue it by whatever means are necessary.

On completing their allotted quest, a Knight-Questor might be placed in a different position within the Stormhost, but more commonly they find themselves once more setting out into the Mortal Realms, the next command of the God-King ringing in their ear.

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