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The Knights Excelsior: The Uncompromising

Holy Destroyers, White Executioners, Annihilators Al "Cables of chain lightning descend in great helical spirals to strike with thunderous force as the white-armoured warriors emerge at full charge. When the storm of their attack passes it leaves only smouldering ruin, for the Knights Excelsior are obliteration given form"

The Knights Excelsior bring to battle crackling chains of celestial lightnings. ‘For the Glory of Sigmar!’ is their motto. The battlegrounds in their wake are left scorched and smoking, scoured of all life so that the taint of Chaos is eradicated entirely.

They are a grim and uncompromising stormhost. Going to extremes to eliminate Chaos corruption even if some innocents die in the process. For them, the lives of the few are not worth the live of the many or the loss of one of sigmar's cities.

For the Knights Excelsior, only the utter destruction of the enemy is counted as victory. They are famed for their black and white morality. Indeed, it is said of them that they only see the people around them as either good – in which case they will work alongside them gladly – or evil, in which case they will kill them, whatever it takes. They can be trusted to wage their wars to the full, for they will allow nothing to tarnish Sigmar’s glory

The Knights Excelsior march to war in disciplined lockstep, an unbroken chain of gleaming white armour and blue shields. Their martial philosophy emphasises the regiment over the individual, and it is said by those that witness them in battle that they fight as one. It is not their extensive training in the Gladitorium that binds them so tightly, but the tenets of the Shining Lord, the first and most unwavering of their number. This ethos is so extreme it breeds tight bonds of loyalty – and lethal warriors.

The Knights Excelsior have a great many Paladins in their number, with Retributors the most common retinues amongst them – the ability to blast an enemy to ash with one sweep of a grandhammer is valued highly by those that would see their enemies literally scattered to the winds. From the Consecralium, their primary Stormkeep in Excelsis, they march out each day to bring annihilation to the forces of Chaos, leaving only tumbled ruins, blackened grass and awed rumours of lightning-wreathed angels in their wake.

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