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The Knights of the Aurora: The Swift

The Knights of the Aurora are a Stormhost of Stormcast Eternals belonging to the Later Strikings.[3a]

No Stormcast Eternals strike quicker than the Knights of the Aurora. As swift as the lightning that bears them, they are true masters of rapid assault.[1a][2a][3a][4b]

Their repeated reforging has made the Knights of the Aurora trail light in their wake when they charge into battle.[4a]

Notable actions

During the Realmgate Wars, at the Living Portal in Ghyran, it was the Lord-Celestant of the Knights of the Aurora who cut down a Ravager-Lord and opened the Realmgate.[1b]


The Knights of the Aurora wear silver sigmarite armours with golden trims, crests, and symbols, verdigris pauldrons and shields, and red leather pteruges. Their Chambers identify themselves with blue, purple or white plumes.[3a]