The Glade of Horned Growths harbours many evils, but none so foul as the Brotherhood of the Red Boil. At their head comes the rabid Plague Priest Kratsik, whose toxic faith is founded on a ravenous hunger for power. By his command do the swarms of Clan Pestilens infest Rotwater Blight.[1a]


The skaven are a conniving and endlessly selfish race, for whom betrayal comes as naturally as drawing breath. Typically, they offer fealty or worship only so long as it benefits them, and they are always convinced of their ability to manipulate or double-cross those they serve. It is thus extremely rare to find true believers amid the heaving masses of skavendom. Still, Plague Priest Kratsik is amongst their number.[1a]

When the Horned Rat ascended to join the monstrous pantheon of the Chaos gods, his Verminlords were dispatched on missions of conquest.[1a]

Many a seer or warlord was undone as he attempted to wrest power from the rat-daemons, and many were punished for their temerity. It is in the nature of skavenkind to attempt to outwit their betters; even the Horned Rat himself has struck an uneasy bargain with Nurgle, an alliance born in plague and festering pox. Skaven agents would join the hunt for Alarielle; should they find her, Nurgle would gift them the choicest plagues and a Jade Kingdom in which to enjoy them.[1a]

Amongst these chosen minions is Kratsik of Clan Pestilens. Watched over by the Corruptor Vermalanx, the Plague Priest’s faith has proved fanatical. His violent excesses have seen many armies brought low by disease.[1a]

This is not to say that the Plague Priest lacks the cunning to manipulate his rivals. Indeed, in his fervour to prove himself the most faithful of the Horned Rat’s servants, Kratsik has engineered the demise of countless Chaos champions and skaven warleaders. However, he recognises that manipulating a god is beyond even him. Instead, Kratsik screeches his deity’s praise all the louder, that the Horned Rat might favour him with his festering bounty.[1a]


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