At the fore of the blood-dripping Eighth Cohort of the Legion of Exiles is Krazkoth, the Blackbladed Reaper. During the pandemic of the Dripeye Plague, tendrils of the Garden of Nurgle had encroached deeply into Khorne’s realm. At that time, Krazkoth fought in the Brass Legions, and his slaughterpack was sent to cast back the invaders – any that dared set foot upon the Blood God’s domain must pay. Such was the power of Nurgle, riding the zenith of his reign of disease, that the plague legions won every battle. Instead of tasting defeat, Nurgle’s minions pushed deep into the skullplains of Khorne, transforming them into a swampy morass. Livid at his battalion’s ineffective assaults, Krazkoth turned upon his fellow Bloodletters with such fury that his rampage could not be halted. Whether as punishment or reward for that hate-filled deed, Khorne sent Krazkoth to lead the Eighth Cohort that fought beneath the rage banners of Skarbrand, the Exiled One. There, Krazkoth laps up the furious hate of his leader, using it to fuel his own blood-mad slaughter.[1]


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