Kurnoth is one of the few gods worshiped by the Sylvaneth besides Alarielle. He is also known by names such as The Huntsman, Red Kern, the Old Stag of the Woods, and the Stag-King and has appeared in the form of a large black stag with mossy fur and knotholes on his flank and a face almost resembling a human's.[3] 

He is considered a god of the hunt, wilderness and hunger.[1] The Heartwood Glade consider him the spirit-consort and equal of Alarielle.[2] Kurnoth Hunters are embodiments of his wrath; as such, they carry Kurnoth Greatswords and Scythes. [1]

According to legends of the swamp-canton of Wald in the Ghoul Mere, the Old Stag hunted and was worshipped throughout Ghyran before Alarielle woke and when she tamed the Jade Kingdoms, she flayed him, pulled out his heart, and planted it like a seed.

From that seed grew Kurnoth and Alarielle buried the rest of his body in Hunter's Bower, in the swamps around Wald, to bind him and put him to sleep. Some still follow him and the citizens of Wald hold an annual 3 day harvest festival in honor of the harvest and the hunt, Alarielle and Kurnoth, and performed human sacrifices in order to try and wake Kurnoth.

A shard of Kurnoth has indeed been woken and hunts in the swamps of the Ghoul Mere but by self-admission is not yet at the level of a god.[3]


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