Gnarled and weathered by centuries of war, the Lady of Vines is Alarielle’s seneschal, and one of her greatest generals. The Branchwraith is quite literally the right hand of her queen, cut from Alarielle’s wrist and nurtured into a courageous and skilled lieutenant. The Queen of the Radiant Wood sprouted a new hand soon enough, for her veins sing with the magic of life, and the sacrifice was worth making – in creating her favoured daughter from the stuff of her own body she ensured unquestioning loyalty. However, the Branchwraith was born while Alarielle remained in her summer aspect, full of wrath and energy. Thus, as Ghyran’s queen faded into torpor over the course of the War of Life, the Lady of Vines remained as aggressive and certain of victory as ever. Just as summer waited for its time to come again, she felt convinced that her mother would one day rejoin the fight. Those doubts that Nurgle sent to worm their way into her heartwood were swiftly burned away by the radiant vigour and certainty that permeated her being.[1a][2a]


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