Lakshar Bloodspeaker is Khorgos Khul’s favoured Slaughterpriest, and one of the Khornate lord’s Gorechosen. It is said that this looming monster of a man slew the stonedrake Shokenrak, drinking her heart’s blood to gain great powers. Certainly, besides the strength to rip men apart with his bare hands, Bloodspeaker is blessed with violent visions of great clarity, the words of Khorne spilling from his gore-stained lips to lead Khul’s warriors to the very greatest of battles. Yet the Slaughterpriest does more than simply point his comrades towards glory – he has earned Khorne’s favour through acts of abhorrent violence time and again. It was he that fought and decapitated the legendary hero Meiwhul during the Battle of Eight Bridges, and who boiled the blood of three hundred Bonechewer braves at the culmination of the War of Severed Heads. Bloodspeaker is living proof that Khorne’s priests are a far cry from the weak holy men of other deities, terrifying war-leaders in their own right who are more than capable of slaying nations.


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