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Liberator of the Hammers of Sigmar

At the core of the Stormhosts stand the Liberators – the armoured foot soldiers of Sigmar. In perfect lockstep they march out of lightning strikes, eager to begin their vengeful war against the forces of Chaos. Before their unified front, even the largest and most powerful of foes must fall.[1a]


Liberators are the most common type of soldier amongst the Stormhosts. In mortal life each was a hero of mankind – a warrior chosen by Sigmar for their martial prowess, great strength or the steel within their souls. Blasted apart by lightnings, they are reforged anew, physically and spiritually blended with gifts from the gods and the God-King’s blessing. Now near bursting with celestial energies, these are the main strength of Sigmar’s new armies.[1a]

Every aspect of the Liberators is shaped by the needs of Sigmar’s war. Clad in armour of sigmarite, they are armed with a range of celestial-forged weapons. The battles of the Cleansing and incessant drilling developed the Liberator retinues from a collection of individuals into perfect fighting units. As one they now march, turn, and raise nigh impenetrable shield walls. After learning to fight as a unit, the Liberators train in larger formations.[1a]

All Stormcast Eternals are imbued with a portion of the God-King’s might, but some, like the Paladin conclaves, are so thundercharged with mystic power that other nearby Stormcast Eternals can draw upon and make use of their energies. As part of their training exercises, Liberators learn to channel this power, making their force even stronger than the sum of its component retinues.[1a]

During their training, natural leaders emerge. Sigmar himself summons these warriors before his almighty presence. They are further blessed with divine powers and sent back to serve as retinue-level leaders, known as Liberator-Primes.[1a]

When Sigmar unleashed his Stormhosts upon the Mortal Realms at last, Liberator retinues poured out of the lightning strikes. With warhammers they battered down the foe, with warblades they pierced them. Inexorably the Liberators march over those who oppose them. As one they are intent on laying low the tyrant, on breaking the dominion of the fiend, on casting down the oppressor. Each burns with the celestial fires that course alongside the blood in his veins. Each Liberator is eager to smite the foe and to reclaim the lands in the name of justice, Order, and their liege, almighty Sigmar.[1a]

Known Liberators


Some units of Liberators are armed with a Warhammer in each hand, while others wield paired Warblades. Other units enter battle armed with a single Warhammer and carry Sigmarite Shields, and others still pair a Sigmarite Shield with a Warblade. In any case, 1 in every 5 may instead be armed with either a Grandhammer, or a Grandblade. The leader of this unit is the Liberator-Prime.[1b]