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Vorrus Starstrike.

Lord-Ordinators are Stormcast Eternals, warrior-engineers that oversee the construction of new cities and fortifications such as Stormkeeps.[3a]

They work in tandem with the Dispossessed to create wonders unseen since the Age of Myth. They are also seers, observing the movements of the Heavens above  as they attempt to use mathematics, science and seer-craft to determine the future. As the Malign Portents began they were dispersed among the armies of Order so that they can help prepare them for what was to come.[3b]


It is the immense intellect of the Lord-Ordinator that brings new innovations and stunning leaps of logic to the Stormhosts. Each day they find elegant solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems, devising complex blueprints for a better world and ensuring they are put into place, whatever it takes.These souls are recruited by Sigmar not for their skill at arms – though they are formidable indeed when wielding the astral hammers of their station – but for their raw genius.[1a]

The first duty of the Lord-Ordinator – that of arcane engineer – is an art form as much as a science. Overseeing the construction of every major keep, castle and fortress, the Lord-Ordinators plan the sacred buildings of Sigmar’s new civilisations from the ground up. In conjunction with the most expert masons of the Free Peoples, they will ensure that every design, cornerstone and sacred mosaic is in its right place, the better to channel the power of the stars above. Through careful ritual and the correct placement of holy scripture, the Lord-Ordinators sow the magic of Azyr into Sigmar’s defences. Should a person gifted with the witch-sight look upon a building raised by a Lord-Ordinator for long enough, they would see traces of glittering celestial magic outlining every lintel, line and junction. These structures are further bolstered by ensorcelled artillery pieces of sigmarite and blessed steel. Woe betide those that stray beneath the vigil of the Lord-Ordinator, for his eye is keen indeed, and his foes will likely end their days as mangled and blackened corpses.[1a]

The second duty – that of prophet – is even more complex. It is for them to set the future in motion according to Sigmar’s will. They must scry the stars, sift the omens and arrive at useful truths, all the while walking a line between visionary seer and rational mathematician. They are the masters of the orrery, the cosmograph, the arcanoscope and the divining needle, applying strict logic and taking leaps of faith as necessary to ensure abiding victory for the forces of Order.[1a]


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