Recruited from those mortals whose antipathy towards the followers of the Dark Gods borders on dangerous obsession, the Lord-Veritants are ruthless seekers and purgators of the more insidious aspects of Chaos. Since the Stormcast Eternals first arrived in the Mortal Realms, the Lord-Veritants have stood with the warriors of the Redeemer Conclaves, banishing dark magics with the holy light of the God-King. Now, however, as the Stormhosts continue to drive the armies of the Ruinous Powers back and civilisations have begun to flourish once more, the skills of the Lord-Veritants are needed more than ever. Dangerous cults look to sink their claws into the fledgling populations of new settlements and the resurgent dynasties of ancient cities, weaving webs of lies and illusion to further the goals of their masters. As well as adding their physical might to the garrisons of these bastions of Order, the Lord-Veritants oversee the inevitable power struggles of their governments, ever vigilant for the influence of Chaos. Should a source of corruption be uncovered, the Lord-Veritants are brazen and merciless in its eradication, so much so that they have come to be regarded by many of the newly liberated peoples of the realms as fearful bringers of Sigmar’s justice.

More than once has a wrathful Lord-Veritant burst unheralded into a noble’s court or bustling senate house, hurling recriminations at some unseen foe before throwing open the shutters of their lantern. To the horror of those within, trusted allies shriek and recoil before the purifying light, exposed for the foul agents of the Dark Gods they truly are. Invisible daemonic entities are exposed, along with their teasing, foul, puppet-string tendrils burrowed in the minds of those with temporal power. Declaring the God-King’s judgement, the Lord-Veritant hacks down their quarry with zealous fervour, splattering terrified onlookers with tainted blood and reminding them of the fate that awaits any who would treat with Chaos.

On the field, the Lord-Veritants often accompany the firing lines of the Judicators, who share the ability to reveal hidden sources of corruption. Like the Lord-Castellants, the Lord-Veritants are usually followed by loyal Gryph-hounds, though they tend to favour those beasts possessed of a more aggressive temperament to aid them in their Chaos-hunting duties.

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