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A Lord of Chaos is one step from becoming a Daemon Prince – and just as close to spawndom! If a Lord of Chaos slays the opposing army general, then he can choose to became a Daemon Prince. On the other hand, if a Lord of Chaos is slain, the Dark Gods replace him with a Chaos Spawn.[1a][1b]


A Lord of Chaos is armed with a Daemon-possessed Reaperblade, and carries a Chaos Sword at their hip. A Lord on Daemonic Mount wields a Cursed Warhammer and bears a Chaos Runeshield. The Lord takes to battle atop a Daemonic Mount that thunders forth to strike down enemies with its Mighty Hooves.[1a]


  • Eye of the Gods: The life of a Chaos Lord is a quest for power, and with each mighty foe slain he takes one step closer to immortality.[1a]