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The avian Greater Daemons of Tzeentch, known as Lords of Change, are feared by man and daemon alike. They have power over reality itself, and can turn a foe to sludge or swathe him in magical warpflame with the twitch of a hooded eyelid. Though their frames are wiry and sparse, they loom over mortal men, and have strength enough to shatter walls or sweep aside whole ranks of warriors with their spellcrafted staffs. More commonly, though, Lords of Change revel in covert manipulation, trickery and transformation. They are attracted in great number to the mutable kingdoms of Chamon, though their labyrinthine schemes cross the bounds of space and time. They stitch careful tapestries of cause and effect that bind their playthings tight and squeeze their lives into ever more surreal incarnations until nothing is left but madness. Truly it is said across the Realm of Chaos that to come under the beady gaze of one of these horrors is to invite a thousand fates, each as twisted and deadly as the vulture-like daemons themselves.[1a]

Known Lords of Change

  • Niz’roppxl. [2]