The only warrior ever to have fought Gardus to a standstill in the Gladitorium, Grymn is the rocky cliff upon which many a tide of blades has broken. His fellow Hallowed Knights claim that Grymn could wear down a daemon lord – not just with parrying blade and indomitable stamina, but with impromptu battlefield lectures on proper bladesmanship and correct footwork.[1a]

Despite the fact that he shows friendship only to his beloved Gryph-hound Tallon, Grymn is a valued asset in the ranks of the Hallowed Knights. Given orders to defend a fellow officer or a site of power, Grymn will give every iota of his attention to the task, barking orders until an impenetrable bulwark of shields and blades surrounds his charge. Now the Lord-Castellant’s stubbornness may well prove the difference between victory and defeat for his Stormhost, for with the loss of Gardus, it falls to Grymn to guide the Hallowed Knights through the treacherous lands of the Realm of Life in his stead.[1a]


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