Completely consumed by the spirit of a furious beast, the Maniak Weirdnob hurtles into battle. Frothing and howling, he waves about his staff, crafted from the bone of a powerful monster. As he slams into combat, he calls forth the rage of this caged creature, sending out a wave of Waaagh! magic in all directions with spectacularly violent effects.[2]


Even the most fierce intellect would eventually submit to the power of Gorkamorka. Maniak Weirdnobs never really had much in the way of strong will, so their descent into gibbering madness is particularly spectacular. These Bonesplitterz are sometimes created when a Wardokk kills a creature with an especially ferocious spirit, then fashion a bone stave to contain the creature’s soul. As the Maniak Weirdnob barrels into battle on his feisty warboar, the soul trapped in this stave cause incredible animalistic rage to consume the Maniaks around him – already quite cross, they are inspired to brutal acts of savagery by the Weirdnob’s strange magic.[1]

Wargear and abilities

Maniak Weirdnobs are armed with a Bonebeast Staff that crackles with energy, and a magical ju-ju squig filled with Waaagh! energy. They ride ferocious warboars that gore the foe with their tusks.[2]

As wizards, they know how to cast arcane bolts, mystic shields and the Bone Spirit spell, which draws out the great beast spirit locked within the Bonebeast Staff and infuses mobs of Bonesplitterz with its bestial fury.[2]



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