Marellus Lionheart Stormcast Eternals Illustration.png

A stalwart champion of the Leonus tribe, the mortal that would be reforged as Marellus Lionheart had never before lost a personal combat. Many times he had stood before the hulking fiends of the invading Bloodcall Horde, felling foes larger than himself. Looking down from on high, Sigmar recognised a hero of mankind, yet the God-King had knew how such a tale would end. It was only a matter of time before the mortal’s luck would expire, and he would be pitted against a warrior gifted with more unnatural power than even the greatest of humanity’s fighters could confront and live. So did a bolt split the skies, taking that champion, snatching him from battle. After his Reforging, he was renamed Marellus Lionheart, a Retributor of the Hammers of Sigmar. It was in the Gladitorium battles that Marellus won the title of Retributor-Prime, for he wielded a lightning hammer with a deftness that belied the colossal weight of its impact. With steadfast courage Marellus led his retinue to greatness in battle, splattering foes with every strike.[1a]


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