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Mazarall the Butcher is a Daemon Prince of Khorne.


Dim legends and twisted lies surround the rise of Mazarall the Butcher and his path to Khorne's favour, but all name him a render of mortal flesh and a devourer of Daemons both. Mazarall’s sheer barbarity and unbridled rage have led many to believe him more akin to a mindless blood-forged beast than warlord able to lead armies with cunning and foresight, but this could not be further from the truth, and it is a mistake for which many, mortal and Daemon alike, have paid with their lives.[1][2]

Mazarall the Butcher is covered in Khornate symbols, skulls and ornate armour featuring sharp edges and huge spikes, worthy of his rank. His axe, known as Harrow Meat, fuels his blistering rage, adding more and more attacks with every kill. Not only is he a fearsome hand-to-hand fighter, but the Ancyte Shield he carries – covered in the gnarled, stretched skin of some unfortunate victim – strikes down any foe cowardly enough to flee to what they think is a safe distance by blasting baleful energies torn from the Daemons enslaved within.[1]


Mazarall the Butcher wields weaponry bound with the essences of Daemons consumed by him in ages past. On the field of battle, Mazarall slices through all before him with the hungering axe known as Harrow Meat and may blast those who dare approach him with baleful energies torn from the Daemons enslaved within the Ancyte Shield. More deadly yet is his fury when charging into the heart of an enemy force, as any who break and attempt to flee his wrath are swiftly destroyed by the soul-hunger of Harrow’s wicked edge.[2]



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