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The dreaded Melusai are Scathborn who bear the lower bodies of great serpents. They are cruel, cold-blooded and eager to inflict pain – seemingly the ideal Khainites – and serve Morathi as the eliteground-assault troops of her war covens.

The Melusai were once the souls of aelves devoured by Slaanesh. Upon being freed from that hellish incarceration, their energies were portioned off to Morathi. There, in the dungeons beneath Hagg Nar, these souls were mixed with shadow magic and Morathi's own blood to be reborn, reshaped in the image of their creator. Each of the Melusai is imbued with magic and the utmost faith in their master, along with a scornful hatred of their former enslaver, Slaanesh. Melusai are allocated to each temple sect of the Daughters of Khaine, acting not only as elite guard formations, but also as clandestine eyes and ears for the High Oracle, informing upon those that question the order of things, or ask too closely about Morathi's goals. Because of their strange appearance, Melusai stay out of sight, either secreted inside the darkened temples of Khaine or disguised by illusion to appear as other aelves. Although it is rumoured that there might be additional forms, during open battle two kinds of Melusai are regularly seen amongst the war covens.

The are two types of Melusai:

  • Blood Sisters
  • Blood Stalkers