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Gore-splattered masters of murder, the Mighty Lords of Khorne are amongst the greatest warriors to walk the realms. Whether froth-spitting savage or fell-handed general, every Mighty Lord of Khorne commands a host of the Blood God’s warriors, leading them into battle with unrelenting wrath.[1a]


Hacking his way across the battlefield, the Mighty Lord of Khorne roars praise to his god with every swing of his axe. Gore fountains and heads tumble from severed necks as his blade cleaves through his foes. Kings, heroes, even vast monsters, all are reduced to grist for the Blood God’s grisly mill by the Mighty Lord of Khorne.[1a]

Strong, swift and savage beyond mortal limitations, this supreme warrior bears the gifts of his god. Many Mighty Lords of Khorne wield ensorcelled axes, or are accompanied into battle by monstrous daemon hounds. Others ride upon steam-belching steeds of brass and molten gore, or bear the Blood God’s rune to ward off the sorceries of the foe. Yet such boons must be earned. Each Mighty Lord of Khorne has slain legions of foes and toppled entire civilisations in his quest for power. He has faced the Trials of Khorne, and emerged victorious.[1a]

Khorne cares not for past glories, revelling instead in the bloody immediacy of battle and having little patience for what has come before. Not only must each Mighty Lord of Khorne fight his way to ascendancy but, once there, he must slay ever greater foes, shed ever more blood and claim evermore skulls to maintain his volatile grip on power. Should he ever relent in his war-making, Khorne is swift to withdraw his gifts.[1a]

Each Mighty Lord of Khorne is a master of war feared throughout the realms. Though each possesses an ironclad will to fight and win, they are shaped by the realms in which they have fought and the myriad foes they have faced. Where one Lord might be a screaming and uncontrollable butcher, another might be a darkly courageous warrior-king, or a brooding executioner. Great hordes of Khorne’s worshippers will inevitably be drawn to the Mighty Lord’s banner for the chance to win glory, and with these rampaging killers at his side the Lord will reave his way across the realms until oceans of gore flow at his feet and the skies ring with the approving roars of the Blood God himself.[1a]

Known Mighty Lords of Khorne


A Mighty Lord of Khorne is commonly armed with an Axe of Khorne, and accompanied by a Flesh Hound. The Flesh Hound fights with fearsome Blood-dark Claws. The Flesh Hound has a Collar of Khorne, which allows its owner to unbind spells in the same manner as a wizard.[1c]

A Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut is armed with a Wrath-forged Axe, carries a Brass-clad Shield and rides a Juggernaut. The Juggernaut tramples the foe with its Brazen Hooves.[1d]