Gore-spattered knights of Khorne, the Mighty Skullcrushers fall upon the enemy in a thunderous stampede. Foes vanish screaming beneath trampling brass hooves, even as the Skullcrushers hack about themselves with their heavy-bladed axes, claiming another skull with every strike.[1a]


The ground shakes beneath the fury of the Mighty Skullcrushers as they charge into battle. Nigh unstoppable, these Juggernaut-mounted warriors can break down a castle gate with their impact, or stave in the front ranks of an enemy’s battle line like an axe-blade cleaving through rotten wood.[1a]

Any mounted warrior can become a Mighty Skullcrusher should he fight with sufficient brutality and success. In most cases, it is the Juggernaut that chooses its rider rather than the other way around. Drawn by the scent of spilled blood, and the distant rumble of pounding hooves, whole packs of Juggernauts smash their way out of the great brass stockade in the Realm of Khorne and barge through the veil of reality in search of a worthy rider. The chosen warrior, confronted by this steam-snorting mechanical monster, has but eight heartbeats to choose the worship of Khorne, or death. The slightest hesitation causes the Juggernaut to trample its prospective master into mangled offal. Yet should a warrior embrace Khorne’s blessings, he rides forth from the field as a Mighty Skullcrusher, an elite warrior of the Bloodbound whose devastating rampage leaves a trail of corpses strewn across the realms.[1a]

Mighty Skullcrushers were responsible for some of the bloodiest slaughters of the Age of Chaos. In the battle for Skurrowdirge, for example, it was the Mighty Skullcrushers of the Blackspikes that tore through the Ironarch Gallery. The daemon-mounted knights crushed hundreds of Slaaneshi Seekers to ruin with their charge and, even when utterly surrounded, destroyed the gallery’s central column and brought the roof down upon them rather than know defeat. Though every last Skullcrusher perished in the collapse, they slew hundreds of times their own number of Slaanesh worshippers in the name of Khorne.[1a]


A unit of Mighty Skullcrushers has 3 or more members. Some units of Mighty Skullcrushers take to the battlefield wielding Bloodglaives, while others clutch Ensorcelled Axes. They carry Brassclad Shields and ride Juggernauts, which trample the foe with their Brazen Hooves.The leader of this unit is a Skullhunter. He attacks with his Ensorcelled Axe or Bloodglaive. Anyone in this unit may be Standard Bearers. Anyone in this unit may be Hornblowers.[1b]


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