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Morbidex Twiceborn has always honoured his debts, and to the Nurglings of his master’s garden he owes a great deal indeed. Born in fire, the man who became the Lord of Nurglings was badly disfigured in his youth. Blaming flame-wreathed Tzeentch for his misfortune, he made it his life’s work to seek out the Architect of Fate’s arch-enemy, Grandfather Nurgle. In the end, it was Nurgle that found him. Whilst climbing a high peak that led into the Realm of Chaos, the young aspirant was buried alive under an avalanche of Nurglings. The daemon mites were of good humour, and posed Morbidex riddles in exchange for their help. For every quandary he got right, they squished him upwards, but for every wrong answer, they gifted him a physical attribute that echoed their own. Since his slimy rebirth amid that avalanche, Morbidex has become more powerful than ever. In Rotwater Blight he rides to battle once more on his pox maggoth Tripletongue, gaggles of faithful Nurglings swarming in his wake.[1a]


Morbidex is armed with the deadly Fleshreaper scythe and rides the belligerent maggoth Tripletongue, which snatches its victims up with its scabrous tongues or gores them with its monstrous claws.[1b]