Roaring unintelligible war cries, Morboys charge towards the meanest foes they can see. Mobbing monsters such as towering gargants and fearsome drakes, they scale their quarry's flanks using their weapons as improvised climbing tools, before sinking their flint blades into its brain and claiming its mighty spirit.[2]


The Bonesplitterz are all mad, but some are more mad than others. Morboys, impressively, have a reputation even amongst their peers for being particularly insane. Huge, frothing savages, completely without any regard for safety or self-preservation, overwhelmed entirely by the power of Gorkamorka, they are a law unto themselves, controllable only by the clan’s Wardokks (and even then with great difficulty.) No-one is exactly sure why some orruks become Morboys, but it’s likely due to the consumption of a particularly large monster – absorbing the spirit of something so fearsome would make anyone rampage across the Mortal Realms, jabbing pointy things into anything that moves. Morboys simply happen to be especially good at this.[1]

Wargear and abilities

Units of Morboys have 10 or more warriors each, led by a Boss, and they are all armed with chompas and toof shivs. Some may carry Bone Totems, and some may become Skull Thumpers.[2]



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