Morgrim, eldest son of Grungni and Vhulkhaya, was born an engineer, creating new ways of performing simple tasks so the Duardin do what they wanted to do more often. He taught many others his craft, engulfing himself in his craft. Upon his helm an Endrinkuli-Dok or Engineers-eye can be flipped down to inspect inventions. None save Morgrim himself knows how it works, it is the only secret he has ever kept. Engineers like those of the Ironweld Arsenal respect him and worship him before all others. Surviving through the Age of Chaos with Gazul in Vhulkhul His commandments read as:

-Any who sells or dishonours engineering secrets must be brought to Duardin justice and under Duardin law.

-Craft every item to its highest degree, those that don’t dishonour the craft.

-Uncontrolled or dangerous innovations must not be undertaken, particularly not to the detriment of craftsmanship.

-Do not create tensions with other engineers out of jealousy or misjudgement- accusations must be true or else shame upon thee who have made these accusations.

-All construction phases of an engineer’s craft must be accompanied by the recital of the appropriate guild litanies and incantations.

-Make use of broken or failed inventions if possible.

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