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The core of a Beastclaw Raiders Alfrostun, ogors mounted on Mournfangs are always at the vanguard of a raid’s assault. Wielding clubs, blades and pistols, they’re very, very good at blocking an enemy’s attack, firing point-blank into their foes before laying into them with wild abandon. The beasts they ride are equally fearsome, trampling to a pulp anything and everything unfortunate enough to get in the way.[1][2]


A Mournfang Pack has two or more riders, who are always led by a Skalg and may include horn blowers and carry raiding banners adorned with the skull of a great beast. Some Mournfang Packs are equipped with culling clubs or prey hackers in one meaty hand, and spiked gauntlets called iron fists in the other, which they use to bat aside an enemy’s blows before punching them in the face. Other Mournfang Packs prefer to wield mighty two-handed gargant hackers to chop giant monsters down to size, or bisect lesser foes with a single blow. The Mournfangs themselves gore their foes with their massive tusks. A Skalg may be armed with an ironlock pistol in addition to his other weapons.[2]