Mournfangs are savage, bullish beasts. Once one locks its jaws around something it seldom lets go, hanging on until either it or its prey is killed. Only a beast this stubborn and aggressive could have survived for so long as amount of the Beastclaw Raiders, andevery clan boasts large numbers of Mournfangs. Carrying their massive masters into the ranks of the enemy, the Mournfangs keep their eyes firmly fixed ahead. Notoriously shortsighted, they can only see clearly as far as the tips of their huge tusks. This only serves to infuriate the beasts, making them ever more aggressive and savage. It also makes them practically unstoppable on the charge, as the beasts are unable to see an obstacle until they are smashing their way through it. This kind of belligerence is highly prized by ogors, and Mournfang riders do nothing to slow the creatures’ stampedes.

It takes a lot to kill a Mournfang. Grievous stab wounds, shattered bones and torn flesh do little to slow the creature down. Only when bloodloss or organ failure catches up with it does the monster keel over, and eventhen not without taking a few more of its foes with it first. This tenacity also translates into the Mournfangs’ hardiness as mounts. The beasts can go for weeks without food while carrying a corpulent rider on their back. Far from making them weak, starvation only seems to stir up the creatures’ temper, and when at last prey is within their reach, they attack with rabid glee. Sometimes Beastclaws might resort to eating Mournfangs to survive if the clan falls upon lean times, though this is rare. Riders form close bonds with their fearsome mounts. To an ogor the snarling creature is as much a weapon as his club or pistol, and not to be discarded lightly.

Whelping Pits

To ensure the clan’s Mournfangs are as savage as possible, ogors raise the creatures in bloody fighting pits. In frozen camps and the ruins of conquered kingdoms, the ogors diggaping holes and fill them with savage Mournfang pups. Animal carcasses, dead soldiers and screaming captives are all hurled into the pit, sparking a frenzied melee. The fights can goon for days, with ogors placing bets. The beasts are then left, sometimes for months, as the Alfrostun goes off on another raid, the ogors allowing starvation and cannibalism to weed out the weak. When only the strongest remain they are hauled out for inspection by the Frostlord. He offers each pup his hands, one filled with meat, the other empty. Those that bite at the empty hand are chosen for mounts in battle, the others are given to the hunters to go into the cookpots.


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