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The Dispossessed

The Cities of Sigmar Battletome groups together three races of 'less popular' armies. These factions have collaborated to create great cities as bastions of order in the Realms. They include the steadfast and tenacious Dispossessed, a hardy faction of Duardin. This contingent most represents the Dwarf armies of the Old World, with some of their number having populating the Cities Of Sigmar. Armed with runic weapons and blackpowder guns, the Dispossessed are a force to be reckoned with.

Humans inhabit these fortresses in amounts much higher than both other races, who, in the case of the Dispossessed, reclaimed their mountain holds, and some of the Aelven factions continue with their nomadic lifestyle. Using handguns, crossbows, pikes and swords, the Freeguild humans can form the backbone of a Cities of Sigmar.

Dark Aelves, Wood Aelves, High Aelves and all the sub-factions in between are also (somewhat) dependent on their alliance with humans and Duardin. With magically infused swords and lethal poisoned daggers, the Aelven races defeat their foe through deception and strength.