Battletome Sylvaneth Sigmarlore.jpg

Order Battletome: Sylvaneth is a full colour, 144-page hardback book that contains details of the history and organisation of the sylvaneth, with full background for every unit, character and monster in the faction, three Battleplans (instructions that allow you to fight battles based around their narrative, with special rules and layouts), five Warscroll Battalions (formations that give access to additional, powerful abilities), eight special Warscroll Battalions called Wargroves (these give you even more special abilities, magic items, command traits and spells), one Historical Battalion - the Guardians of Alarielle (which recreates the alliance between the sylvaneth and the Stormcast Eternals), potent abilities that can be conferred on armies with the Sylvaneth allegiance, Command Traits that can be used by their generals, powerful magic, both defensive and offensive, specifically for sylvaneth wizards, and relics of war, usable by sylvaneth heroes.[1]


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