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Before his Reforging, Lord-Celestant Pergus Brightshield was a mortal warrior of the Illumiad tribe. During the Age of Chaos, Pergus watched with growing rage as his brethren were slaughtered in their thousands. Many of Pergus’ warrior-brothers lost heart, their spirits crushed under the eternal malice of the Dark Gods, until they joined the ranks of the enemy or were slain. Others chose instead to flee, trading their honour for a few days of pitiful life running before the advancing hordes.[1]

When the first Blood Warriors stormed into Pergus’ village, he alone stood in their way. Under the gaze of his crystal gods he claimed many lives before, ultimately, he was dragged broken and bloody before the Blood Warriors’ monstrous leader. Locking eyes with the towering servant of Khorne, Pergus promised vengeance even as the axe fell. Far off in the heavens Sigmar heard the warrior’s prayer, and in a flicker of light claimed his soul, that Pergus might have the revenge he craved.[1]

In the opening engagements of the Realmgate Wars, Lord-Celestant Brightshield’s Strike Chamber enjoyed great victories in Aqshy and Chamon, breaking open the Bloodbrass Gates, cleansing the slave pits of Yar Deep, and casting down the Balefeyr Lighthouse that stood above the Goresoul shores. Recently, however, things have changed. Unpredictable and savage, the Ironjawz have confounded the Hammers of Sigmar in numerous engagements, striking where they are least expected. Thrice now has Brightshield faced the Ironjawz, and each time it has been a costly encounter. To make matters worse, the belligerent orruks now seek the Stormcasts out, as they have earned a reputation as worthy opponents. Brightshield has learnt much in his battles with the Ironjawz, and his Strike Chamber is now embarking on a long war across the Carcass Kingdoms of Ghur against the Ironjaw warclans. The Lord-Celestant warns his brothers that a great enemy is rising in the beastlands, one that may well eclipse the Dark Gods’ dominion.[2a]