Sat astride his Dracoth, Zakanxar, Lord Pharakis cuts a noble and heroic figure. But behind his impassive helm, his eyes dance with cold lightning and his pale face is setin a permanent scowl. Pharakis was once the gentle high priest of Malleus Mount, though he has been reincarnated as the most unforgiving and merciless warrior in all the Knights Excelsior. He embodies the fervent belief of his Stormhost that no exceptions can be made in the cleansing of the Mortal Realms, for much has been tainted by Chaos, and even those who believe themselves pure might seethe with unseen corruption. Before his Reforging, the man who had been Pharasion the Kind saw his flock utterly torn apart by the fair-faced corruption spread by a hidden cult of Slaanesh, the Mirrored Smile. At the last, Pharasion’s most trusted advisors turned on him, still grinning, with blades in hand. Though he slew several with a silvered lectern, he fell to a blade in the back. It was a lesson he would carry with him beyond his Reforging – trust nothing but that wrought in sacred Azyr.[1a]


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