Plague Censer Bearers are the most deranged and devoted practitioners of their unhinged faith. Wielding fuming flails, these hallucinating lunatics scamper madly into battle and cause untold damage before meeting their end.[1a]


The billowing, jaundiced fog that rolls from the censers of the Plague Censer Bearers is inimical to all life. Before battle, each large brasscenser is carefully filled with noxious concoctions of the Plague Priests’ own devising. Whether it be pussoaked incense of pallid rotshade, the disease-bloated hearts of butchered plague-riddled corpses, thrice-cursed ashes from a victim of a Great Plague, or some other fell concoction, the end result is the same. Infused with warpstone oils and set alight, the contents of the censers belch fumesthat blister flesh, corrode metal, and cause organs and joints to swell with rancid fluids.[1a]

Plague Monks are significantly more resistant to these noxious fumes than other, less corrupt forms of life, but even they will eventually dissolve and die amid the smog. It is for this reason that only the most deludedor unfortunate amongst the teeming ranks of the Clans Pestilens find themselves wielding plague censers. Some, those with rotgrubs in their brains or frothblight flowing through their arteries, see becoming a Plague Censer Bearer as a true blessing. Tosuch beings, the noxious fug from the plague censers only intensifies their already feverish hallucinations and strengthens their convictions that the Second Great Withering is underway.[1a]

For the majority there is some reticence, at least until the plague fumes cloud their minds and drive them into an insensible killing frenzy. Such unfortunates are likely to be selected by the Plague Priests from amongst those up-and-coming brethren who mightsoon become rivals. Set upon by gang sof their peers, these luckless Plague Monks are knocked unconscious, only to wake upon the battlefield with plague censers already chained to their paws. Others are captives and slaves from other clans, swaddled in filth-caked robes and given a choice between wielding the censer or being used as raw ingredients for the vile brew inside it.[1a]

However they came to be, once the fumes take hold and the battle is at hand, the Plague Censer Bearers become whirling, slavering dervishes.They charge into the enemy lines with no thought for their own safety, ignoring whistling bolts or coruscating blasts of magic as they scurry madly across the battlefield to bludgeon and kill with their horrific weapons.[1a]


A unit of Plague Censer Bearers wield Plague Censers – spiked metal balls filled with billowing, noxious filth that are attached to lengths of rusty chain. The frenzied monksflail these foul weapons around with arabid fervour, breaking bones, rupturing organs and infecting those nearby with virulent contagions.[1b]


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