A hero of the Shyish Dustsprawl, Rael Thyst was once known as the Gallowghost. He tracked animals as a youth, then criminals as a young man, an inescapable force for justice in a place where little was to be found. Alone he wandered the wastes, keeping them safe for travellers by hunting down and hanging umbral cultists and bandit kings. For his valour, Sigmar snatched him up to Azyr so his skills might be preserved forever. When the armies of Chaos attacked the Dustsprawl, Raelus led his Galewalkers by example. His bravery, ever close to foolhardiness, saw him hunt a Shaggoth in its lair; without the intervention of the beast Lightclaw, he would likely have been torn apart. The two proved a potent combination. After recovering from his injuries, Raelus lured the grand army of the Bitterbrass Lord to a haunted village by setting false tracks and lighting campfires amongst its hovels. While the interlopers were assailed by vengeful ghosts, he charged from the mausoleum in which he had been waiting, his blade taking Bitterbrass head from his neck.


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